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Best Skateboard Bearings

There is a combination of a few factors that make the bearings useable and suitable for your skateboard. For time being, keep aside the quality of the best skateboard bearings. We’ll discuss this later because it contains the last of importance in lasting the skateboard bearings for years. When it comes to choosing the bearings, the first-ever thought that comes to mind is suitability. The quality comes later when the suitable factor is already fulfilled.

There is a misconception related to board and its parts found among beginners. And even those who have spent some time skateboarding. They get the change skateboard as the different style of riding. Indeed all the components help the skateboard to change the style of skateboarding. The different types of skateboard bearings make it difficult to choose the right one for their suitable style.

It took us several months to test 200+ skateboard bearings and then tumble them down to the top 7 high-quality skateboard bearings. We met different materials bearings to find the right product for the beginners and the pro skaters. Also, which ABEC skateboard-bearing rating suits the skateboarding style? Let’s elaborate on the best skateboard bearings and the further parts that bearings encompass.

Top 3 Skateboard Bearings

Bones REDS Bearings

  • Speedy and strong nylon balls are used for the bearings
  • A cup of cake for the beginners removing and installing.
  • Durable balls retainers and the non-contacted shield
  • Every level of rider can use these bearings because of their versatility
  • Comes with 4 spacers and 8 speed-washers


  • You have got the ball out technology for avoiding the biting
  • Durable and strong bearings
  • Microgroove feature for rolling speedy and smoother
  • Straight-edge shield for frictionless riding
  • The use of ceramic oil protects the bearing from getting rusted
  • These can last for years if they get properly taken care

Bones Super REDS

  • The bearings are pre-lubricated, you don’t need to lube them for better rolling
  • Best cream is used to let the wheels roll faster and smoother
  • Un-touched and easy-to-remove rubber shield
  • Doesn’t create friction and it makes them durable
  • Sturdy and swift balls provide a silent but faster ride

Fastest Skateboard Bearings

The bearings reviewed below are brilliant in their versatility. You can’t ignore even any of the skateboard bearings based on their quality. But the suitable style can make it to choose the right one out of all the bearings.

We have also listed our top 3 skateboard bearings brands and the products to save time on research. And provide you with versatile components. So, everyone can taste the quality of those bearings via riding.

There are some essential elements that the skateboard bearings contain. And these determine the right bearings for your skateboard style. The ABEC rating is the element that helps in recognizing suitable bearings.

The ABEC rating is started from 1 to 9 in odd numbers as a classification rating. The higher the rating is, the higher the tolerating power, and the more speed you get while skateboarding.

If we look at the ABEC 9 rating of bearings, it is considered the best for downhill riding. The longboarders use this rating of the component in their longboards for the highest speed. And then it comes to ABEC 7 bearings, the skateboarders use them for getting enough speed. As the skateboards are not ideally made for speeding but for tricks.

After describing the ABEC rating precisely, it’s time to discuss the different types of materials used for the bearings.

  • Steel Bearings

When it comes to having durable and affordable bearings, you can’t ignore steel material. As these are the most economical and widely used material for skateboard components. The quality steel makes them long-lasting. But you can’t take those bearings as durable always. Because quality matters a lot and it varies from brand to brand.

Steel material demands inspection or cleaning from time to time. Because the mud takes place into the bearings and the steel gets rusted. As a result, you lose your component. And you have to buy a couple of new sets of parts for the skateboard. But if you make a schedule for cleaning it, you will see the bearings lasting for years.

  • Ceramic Bearings

As all the balls are made with steel when we talk about the steel material for skateboard components. But the manufacturers name the ceramic bearings even though the only ball is made with it. The whole bearing is not made with fully ceramic material. So, be aware of such things.

What’s our purpose to buy the bearings, to get the speed, quality, and durability? The ceramic-made bearings are not last as long as the steel bearings. This material lacks when it comes to getting faster speed.

And their prices are a little bit high too. As we want our boards or the wheels to run smoothly. The only ceramic is the material that can get you an amazing smoothness experience.

If you buy this material-made bearing, I would suggest cleaning them after a couple of riding. Because leaving the bearings uncleaned for a few weeks leads to the damaging. But the life of this component gets increases more than suggested if you look after them.

There is titanium material used for the bearings but not suitable for skateboarding. You can ignore this material without any hesitation.

  • Further Bearings Parts

The skateboard bearings contain the further parts known as spacers and speed washers. The ‘Spacers‘ assist the skateboard to distribute the weight of the rider on the whole board to keep it balanced. Also, you can increase the life of skateboard bearings by putting spacers. And you get a smoother turn by having the spacers.

The ‘Speed Washers’ help in getting the required speed. The higher the quality keeps the speed washers, the higher the speed you are going to get. Well, there is more guidance on all these terms and finding the related one for your style in the buying guide. Make sure to be with us till the end and find the perfect best skateboard bearings for speed and everything.

Image Name Best For Dimensions Price
Bones REDS Bearings Best overall  5.51 x 2.05 x 0.59 inches

Check Price
BRONSON SPEED CO. G3 Skateboard Bearings best skateboard bearings for beginners  2 x 2 x 2 inches; 3.2 Ounces Check Price
Bones Super REDS Skateboard Bearings fastest skate bearings 3.9 x 1.9 x 0.3 inches Check Price
Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings  best skateboard bearings brands 4 x 1.9 x 0.4 inches Check Price
Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings fastest inline skate bearings 2.99 x 2.99 x 0.94 inches  Check Price
Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards good skateboard bearings 4.5 x 4.2 x 0.8 inches Check Price
Bronson Speed Ceramic Skateboard Bearings top skateboard bearings  5.12 x 1.18 x 7.87 inches Check Price

1- Bones REDS Bearings

Bones Reds Bearings

Specifications: Best versatile bearings

  • Easy to remove and trim the rubber shields
  • It will be installed easily
  • The non-contacted shield has been added to avoid friction and make it durable
  • The versatile bearings
  • High-speed and strong nylon balls
  • 4 spacers and 8 washers are included

One of the most widely used and selling skateboard bearings is Bones Reds bearings. The reason for most selling and admired products is the quality they are providing to their skating buyers. Once I rode the skateboard in the rain just to analyze how it behaves. When I inspected all the components, I found the bearings got rusted. So, I had to change them as soon as possible.

I got these bearings to see how they act on the older skateboard and wheels. I was surprised to see the speed and the smoothness of the ride. Because it was more than my expectations.

Note: The speed, smoothness, and durability we got from the Bones Reds were outstanding. As you can see in the image before and after the condition of the bearings.

Bones reds bearings before and after condition

The reason for getting higher speed was the ball was made with super sturdy and speedy nylon. And the secret of enjoying the smoother ride was the untouched Removable rubber shield. Because it doesn’t let friction create and less friction gives a smoother ride.

Their special feature that has been liked by many of the pro skaters is the inclusion of speed washers and spacers. These types of equipment will help you in making the skateboard bearings stout. If you are getting these accessories, it’s better to use them. You don’t need to go below if you want to get high-quality and speedy bearings with versatility.

Those who are aware of the rating will be confused here. Because there is no specific rating given. Let me tell you that this product is not specified for an ABEC rating. But it is super suitable for getting enough speed.

These will be suitable for street skating. And even you can consider the best cruiser bearings and longboards too. It depends on how long the wheels you are using for the longboard.



  • Easy to clean because of the removable rubber shield Noise                     
  • Non-contacted shield for getting less friction and a smooth ride
  • Super sturdy and speed nylon balls for getting higher speed
  • Comes with 4 spacers and 8-speed washers
  • Brilliant quality for the money
  • Best longboard Bearings too
  • Hot selling with loss of positive rating
  • Easy to install
  • Best for beginners and pro
  • You will hear a bit of irritating

2- BRONSON SPEED CO. G3 Skateboard Bearings

Bronson Co. G3 bearings

Specifications: Fastest skateboard bearings

  • Balls-out technology is used for avoiding contact happening between the shield and the cage
  • To make the skateboard bearings roll faster and smoother, the microgroove feature improves speed and spin
  • The shield is straight-edges for easy cleaning and makes it frictionless
  • Ceramic oil is used to prevent them from getting rusted
  • Deep groove balls assures the riders have bearings for long
  • These can easily be maintained

Another skateboard bearings brand comes up with the balls out technology. It will almost finish the chances of getting into contact with the shield with the cage. It’s necessary because it will let you enjoy a smoother and more speedy ride.

You have got the feature of deep roll raceways balls that stave off the skateboard bearings from the damaging. Because the impacts on the side can break them. But thanks to this technique, we have long-lasting and deep roller bearings.

The removable and frictionless shield assists the skaters to get the moisture and dust out in no time. For getting the higher speed, you always need more spinning and rolling bearings. The microgroove linear patterns have done the job for you. Now you can get faster with a clean-shaven or satiny ride on them.

Note: Here we have brought our experience with the Bronson G3 bearings. These have been used for 7 months. Not even a single time we felt difficulty with these efficient bearings.

Bronson G3 bearings before and after the condition

Good spacing inside the bearings keeps them long-lasting. And here is the same case, the untouched cage keeps enough space to avoid contact. And that makes the skateboard bearings durable and rolling swiftly.

Importantly, ceramic oil is used for the bearings to protect them from wearing rust. You can face the issue of lubricating it after a couple of weeks. Also, I got them loosened after a few weeks. So, you have to tighten them as well.



  • Balls out technology to remove the shield easily
  • Avoid cage contact for the best speed                                           
  • Non-distortion cage impact doesn’t let the balls contact
  • Microgrrove feature for better lubrication to spin the skateboard bearings fastly
  • Straight-edge frictionless shield for easy cleaning
  • Ceramic oil for protecting the bearings from wearing the rust
  • To avoid the damage and breakage of skateboard bearings, Deep Groove raceways balls are used
  • Probably, you can face the loosening bearings after a couple of weeks

3- Bones Super REDS Bearings 8 Pack

Bones super reds

Specifications: Best budget skateboard bearings

  • Pre-lubricated bearings with the special bones speed cream
  • Non-contacted easily removable shield
  • Frictionless shield
  • Strong nylon ball retainers for best speed and durability
  • The skateboard bearings provide the quiet ride

If we compare the quality of Super REDS with the Bones REDS skateboard bearings. It matches and gives faster speed with a smoother ride. But this has got an extra feature, the bearings don’t make a noise when riding the board. And it remains too long as well. The factor that differentiates both of the products is a black shield that has been used by Super REDS.

High-quality raceways and top-notch grade balls are used to get a quieter ride. Further, the non-contact rubber shield is used for getting a non-friction and smoother ride. Because when the contact happens, it creates noise. The noise doesn’t only create disturbance but also damages the quality with the passage of time. And affects the smoothness too.

This removable shield won’t make it difficult for beginners to clean it. You can do this without any consultation even if you are just getting into it. Again, you are getting the desired speed with these bearings. Because they have used strong and speedy nylon balls. With the passage of time, we need to lubricate them for the required speed. You have got here the pre-lubricated bearings inside by the bones speed cream.

You have to keep in mind one thing all the skateboarders out there. Leaving the skate wheel bearings for even a month will blow the quality. Similarly, if you ride aggressively and more in a day. You will be needed to clean them at the end of the week.



  • Easy to remove the rubber shield                                              
  • Non-contact shield for long life
  • High-quality raceways and grade balls provide the quieter ride
  • Strong and fast nylon balls are used
  • Bearings are lubricated with Bones speed cream
  • Super durable and affordable
  • Bearings will be damaged in case of riding in mud or dust, especially when don’t care


4- Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings

Bones super swiss

Specifications: Best bones bearings

  • 6 sturdy balls are used to make the bearings faster
  • Pre-lubricated skateboard bearings with speed cream
  • Easily removable and non-contact shield
  • Higher-strength ball retainers
  • Lifetime warranty, if you find any defect in the product

Every product keeps unique whether the brand is the same or different. And this set of bearings has given a warranty if something detects bad after unboxing it. Sometimes, tenure and reputation urge us to experience that specific product. And I got these bearings while looking at their name in the market. As they are in the market since 1981.

I had no issue when it comes to quality like how it was behaving when riding them. It’s been a couple of years, and the bones swiss are still around us. But can’t use them as I haven’t cleaned them for so long. So, these are not only faster but much more durable. All the features that the best skateboard bearings contain, this super swiss has also got those.

You might be confused about why they have used the six balls for the bearings. These balls are larger to roll fastly and avoid the damage that is caused by the impacts. They have also used speedy lightweight nylon balls for higher strength and super speed. The single shield that doesn’t make the contact can easily be removed and cleaned.

Get advantage of the extra 4 spacers by getting the set of skateboard bearings(8). Enjoy frictionless riding, although it costs you more than other brands. But the quality takes over this money if we share our experience.



  • Get the warranty skateboard bearings and a refund, if you find them damaged
  • Less friction and easy-to-remove shield
  • Pre-lubricated bearings with Bones Swiss Cream
  • Stronger and speedy balls for longer life
  • Comes with 4 spacers
  • Contains large 6 balls
  • You will find it a little bit expensive

5- Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings

Handy shake bearings

Specifications: Best inline skate bearings

  • You will receive the Heady shake bearings pre-lubricated with the best speedy cream
  • Unique design bearings provide a quieter ride
  • Best bearings for roller skates, inline skates, and all the boards even kick scooters
  • Comes with 4 spacers and a waterproof sticker
  • Corrosion resistant
  • ABEC 9 rating

Heady Shake pro skateboard bearings make a difference from other brands in the material section. Because these are purely made with 1/3 titanium and the others are steel and nylon. Titanium is not a widely used material for skateboard bearings. But the quality that titanium owns of protecting from damaging them is matchless. You are going to have these for years with maintained quality.

You will receive the bearings pre-lubricated with the specific lubricant. It means you don’t have to lubricate them once received. What does actually it do? It helps the bearings to roll fast and smoothly. As a result, you get a faster and smoother ride. That is the reason why experienced skaters recommend lubricating them after several rides.

Heady Shake is providing the bearings with an ABEC rating of 9, which is the highest. The skateboard bearings will roll fastest to have the best speed. The most admirable factor that I like about this brand is its unique precision design. Because that was making my ride hushed.

Interestingly, the board got broke after 1 and a half years of continuous riding. But there was no surprise that the skateboard bearings were used on other skateboards as well. Using them for different types of skating shows their versatility. As you can use them for inline and roller skates. Also, perfect for getting a remarkable experience on skateboards and longboards.

They have brought the 4 spacers as well for the skaters with the set of 8 bearings. As some skateboarders complain about losing the sticker printed. You will get a waterproof sticker to make it long-lasting. The bearings are corrosion-resistant and there won’t be worn any rust.

The reinforced design has made it easy for beginners to remove the shield easily. And the non-contacted shield increases the life of skateboard bearings because of less friction. What is dislike in this product, giving only one shield for the set? There is the importance of shields as these protect the bearings from getting dirty.



  • A higher ABEC rating of 9 for faster speed
  • Unique precision design
  • Received pre-lubricated
  • Suits different types of skating
  • Durability is high due to the titanium material
  • Glossy design and non-contacted shield
  • One shield is given, it’s better to have two shields to avoid wearing dirt

6- Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards

Zealous bearings

Specifications: Best longboard bearings

  • To avoid the breaking of balls while riding, nano ceramic lube is used
  • The lube fills the deformation places
  • Corrosion resistant
  • You get the noise-free riding

Zealous bearings are made for youngsters. Or the beginners out there looking for the bearings that provide them the suitable speed but smooth ride. If we look at the long-term performance, it competes with bigger brands. Because I have never got a sound issue while riding or any wearing and tearing problems. But speed can be an issue for the pro skaters.

There are green rubber seals on the skateboard bearings. These keep the dirt or mud outside of the bearings. And you can easily clean them with suitable equipment that doesn’t harm the shield. The specific nano-ceramic lube is used to provide trouble-free riding.

The unique quality of this lube is that it fulfills the deformations. Another reason for using this grease is to avoid bearing breaking failure due to the hot situation inside while riding downhill. Because the longboard runs very fast while riding downhill.

Also, this nano-ceramic grease helps in making it corrosion-resistant. Because low water washout features are included to make it corrosion-resistant. So, you will get smooth, faster, and quieter riding with durability.



  • Nano-ceramic lube for avoiding any skateboard bearings failure
  • Noise-free riding
  • Anyone can kick off a skating career with Zealous Bearings
  • Best grease for filling all the deformed places inside
  • Not good for speed lovers, it can give you enough and suitable but not too faster

7- Bronson Speed Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

Bronson ceramic bearings

Specifications: Best Bronson bearings

  • Quality ceramic made bearings provide the durability
  • To have a frictionless ride, the straight-edge shield is used
  • Any type and level of rider can use these bearings
  • Ball out technology for avoiding the contact
  • 4 spacers and 8-speed washers

The skateboard bearings are made of ceramic material. As the ceramic is not long-lasting usually. Without identifying the quality of the material, you can’t conclude the result. And here the standard material is used to construct the skateboard bearings.

This is specifically made for increasing the speed and protecting from damaging or wearing rust. Because it is corrosion-resistant and which can make it durable.

The straight edges quality shields don’t let friction cause. This feature also enhances the life of the bearings. Importantly, the design is made while keeping in mind today’s skateboarding. Because skating is too fast now and playing tricks is a mandatory factor to do this. Every beginner wants to build and list their names among top pro skaters.

To have long-lasting skateboard bearings, the first ever priority we look at is the quality of the material. And this element fulfills, the second factor is what technologies are used to avoid damaging or breaking. The Ball out technology has done the job for you. It will keep away the cage and the shield to get into contact and produce friction. Because the produced friction damages the bearings over time.



  • High-quality ceramic-made bearings
  • Provide good speed and a smooth ride
  • Max impact cage design
  • Good for skateboards
  • Comes with extra shields
  • 4 spacers and 8 washers with bearings
  • Not-pre lubricated
  • Create very little sound

Essential Factors For Buying The Best Skateboard Bearings

The buying guide is very essential for every single skater especially when it comes to buying your first-ever product. Choosing the right product and getting through the best experience boost your confidence. I have seen many beginners being disappointed because of not riding the right skateboard or other components.

Well, beginners shouldn’t go buying the components one by one and then assembling them. It can bring lots of confusion and mental disturbance. I always suggest the starters get the full skateboard. Once you have some experience or enough knowledge, you can assemble the components by buying separately.

Let’s go deeper and understand all the elements discussed above and their importance in the best bearings for skateboards

1- Raceways

Raceways perform a vital role in getting a smoother and faster ride. The raceways help the riders to get a faster ride by rolling the balls deeply. Not you get only a speedy ride but you also enjoy the stability that this component provides.

Another work that is done by the raceways is that it decreases the vibrations efficiently. And that makes it more applicable for getting a smoother ride. So, you can’t ignore this element at any cost

2- Balls And Retainers

The reason why you get amazing speed and a smoother ride are the balls. There are two types of materials, you can use for the balls. The first one is ceramic and the second one is steel. Ceramic gets the job done the job when it comes to making the bearings waterproof.

And the steel balls assist the riders to forget about durability. As the ball is constructed with steel. And there are retainers as well that retain all the parts. It’s better if we find them smoother.

3- Shields

As much as the balls are important for the best skateboard bearings, the shields are as essential. I would say, every part of the bearing is important in terms of performance and long-lasting ability. The shields are the equipment that prevents dust wear inside the bearings. So, you can easily remove the dust and mud within the seconds

4- ABEC Rating

The ABEC rating is an important factor. It will be discussed whenever the conversation about the skateboard bearings will going on. This is the only factor that tells you how fast the skateboard bearings are going to roll. And how much speed and accuracy you are going to get on the skateboard.

The lowest and slowest bearings are the ABEC 1 with very low accuracy. Similarly, the higher you will move, the faster bearings you will get. ABEC 3 can fit into the cruisers.

The ABEC 7 bearings are the best to consider when looking for good speed as well as a smoother ride. So, you have to decide according to your passion. If you want to get the highest speed, you can get the ABEC 9. The longboarders and the downhill riders prefer to get the ABEC 9 for amazing speed with a lot of precision.

Some of the brands don’t feel it necessary to mention the ABEC rating. As they consider there is no specific role because we can identify the quality, speed, and precision of the bearings by the features. But I feel for beginners because it makes it easier for them to understand and find their relative bearings in no time.

If the rating is not mentioned, it’s good to consider those brands too. Because there are more features that identify the speed and the quality. Just read our full guide all the way from start to end. And realize how you can identify the real skateboard bearings in one sight.

Most Trusted Skateboard Bearings Brands

trusted skateboard bearings brand

Sometimes the high-priced product can be the recommendations based on the quality. But this can never be the thing in every case. Because you get massive skateboard bearings at a reasonable price with high quality.

The Bronson and the Bones are the two brands that can bring comfort to your riding. These are pretty affordable, provide the best speed, and last for years.


There are a total of 8 bearings used in the skateboard. The 4 bearings are used in the wheels to help them roll faster and smoother. And the other 4 wheels are assembled into the trucks to turn the board very smoothly.

Actually, the price ranges from 8$ to 150$. And you can get a decent set up to 50$. The skateboard bearings’ price varies from brand to brand. And the quality of material matters a lot in price variation.

The Bones and Bronson are the fastest skateboard bearings. You can get a hell of speed while putting these durable and speedy bearings into your skateboards.

The skateboard bearings come in generally 608 and sometimes 627 sizes as well. You get a slight difference in both of the bearing’s sizes in the wheel core. Almost every set of bearings can be adjusted into the wheels and the trucks.


You have to go through all the factors that are discussed in buying guide or in the upper section before purchasing the best skateboard bearings. Because these won’t only help you in buying them rather the confusion will be solved forever. And you will analyze the quality and price of bearings at first sight. We have picked the best skate bearings that work for all levels of skaters and types of skateboards.

If you are in hurry and don’t want to spend time on research? Then check our top 3 skateboard bearings. Because these are versatile, high-quality made, long-lasting, weather conditions bearing abilities, and sturdy. Our 1st choice is Bones Reds bearings. First of all, these are made in favor of beginners. Because installing, trimming, and cleaning the shield is very easy on these amazing goods.

Secondly, the speed and strength provided by the bearings are unbelievable because of the balls. Thirdly, the shields are non-contacted and frictionless. It means you have got durable bearings. Also, some brands don’t include the further parts of bearings like spaces and speed washers. But Bones Reds is come up with the 4 spacers and 8-speed washers that add pure value.

The 2nd choice is Bronson Speed Co. G3 skateboard bearings. These are made with some advanced and new technologies for the benefit of bearings. As microgroove technology is used to make the balls rotate faster and smoother. And there is the ball out technology which is used on these bearings to avoid friction between the shield and cage for durability.

One of the best ceramic oil is used to protect them from getting tarnished. Our 3rd choice is Bones Super Reds skateboard bearings. The brilliant bearings to use whether you are a beginner or a pro. Because everything is designed to have a smooth and faster ride.

Pre-lubricated bearings with quality Bones speed cream are the best feature you can get from the brand. As you don’t need to lubricate them for a smoother spin. The raceways and quality-grade balls are used to provide a quieter ride.

Get a faster, smoother, and epic ride for the years by getting the above-mentioned skateboard bearings.

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