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Best Skateboard Backpacks

Carrying the skateboard in hand while walking or traveling at the same time can be burdensome. Because ultimately, it hurts your hands and forces you to get the backpack for skateboards. For getting the best skateboard backpacks, you need to look at some essential factors. The elements like soft yet sturdy straps and pockets and durability enhance the demand in skaters. And atmospheric features protect the bag from any disaster.

The skateboard backpacks that we have reviewed contain all the mentioned features. Even a few of the backpacks have got extra attributes or pockets to put small essential accessories. When I used to go to school, I had a backpack to travel the distance. I have used multiple backpacks from different brands in my skateboarding career. And I am going to mention the brands that products have inspired me by the quality and the facets.

One more thing, don’t forget the size while making yourself busy looking at the characteristics and the quality of a backpack. Because if you see, you can’t ride the board without having the correct size. Similarly, you can’t put in the skateboard, if you don’t have the correct size. Let’s find out the top skateboard backpacks.

Top 3 Skateboard Backpacks

Simbow skateboard backpack

SIMBOW Backpack

  • The versatile and durable skateboard backpack comes with the USB charging port
  • Human body technology is used to make the straps soft and painless
  • Rucksack bag with the water-resistant ability
  • Anti-theft pockets are introduced in this bag to store your essential accessories
  • Can be used for shorter trips as well as longer
  • A 100% warranty is offered
VANS student skateboard backpack

VANS Backpack

  • To ensure the durability of this backpack, 100% polyester material is used
  • Soft construction to place accessories without having fear of damaging
  • Wider straps for securing a skateboard
  • Large laptop compartment
  • Elastic tops side pockets
NIXON hauler backpack

NIXON Hauler Backpack

  • Repreve polyester materials are used to construct exterior and interior compartments
  • 600D and 70D polyester substances
  • Adjustable skate straps
  • Even longboards can be strapped
  • Several inside and outside pockets with laptop storage
  • Plush-lined side pocket

Best Backpacks For Skateboarding

Sometimes only the quality and the features don’t Satisfy the skater. As you prefer stylish and innovative bags too with other compulsory factors. And we are not only coming up with the best quality and several features. We have also added the most stylish backpacks. So, it can inspire those who love to get stylish bags as well.

Every beginner needs to go through the buying guide. Because it doesn’t only help you in finding the right backpack. But also increase the knowledge and reputation around the friends and skating circle. And when it comes to getting another backpack, you won’t be needed to read the guide. Just reading the essential attributes of backpacks will get the job done.

Image Product Best For   Price
Skateboard-Backpack-Simbow Simbow Skateboard Backpack  Best quality backpack Check Price
VANS-Skates-Pack-3-backpack VANS Skates Pack 3 Student Backpack Best durable vans skateboard backpack Check Price
NIXON-Hauler-Skate-25L-Backpack NIXON Hauler Skate 25L Backpack best lightweight backpack for skaters Check Price
Nike-SB-RPM-BackPack Nike SB RPM BackPack Versatile Nike skateboard backpacks Check Price
Element-mohave-skate-backpack Element Mohave skate backpack Top skateboard backpack Check Price

1- Simbow Skateboard Backpack

Simbow skateboard backpack

Specifications: Best waterproof backpack

  • This fabric-made bag comes in 15.6 to 17 inches in length. You can strap your best complete skateboards
  • USB charging port feature is added to charge your phone while traveling
  • To make the straps more comfortable and soft, human body technology is used for designing
  • Some extra pockets are offered named as anti-theft to keep your personal accessories safe
  • This bag can be used for shorter and bigger trips
  • Warranty can force you to at least test this bag but it won’t push you to return it

You might have seen the skateboard backpacks made of high-quality material with extra pockets. But here is the Simbow that has brought the backpack with an extra feature of a USB charging port. You can charge your mobile phone while traveling.

Even the jack slot has given you the ability to listen to the music inside your skateboard backpack. Charging the phone and listening to the music made my ride more memorable. I still remember, it was a light rainy day but full of fun. The high quality and durable fabric are used to construct the skateboard backpack. And it has got a size of 15.6 inches.

Note: Just look at the Simbow skateboard backpack. It was very easy to install my board on this backpack. Importantly, the straps are just amazing, their quality and durability are very good. Check our experience with the Simbow backpack in the image below.

Simbow backpack is holding my board beautifully

When we think about the bags, the only thing that comes to mind is straps. Because the low-quality straps cause shoulder pain. But I had the best experience with Simbow backpack straps. As my shoulders didn’t feel any heaviness because of its specific design and quality material.

The human body technology has made it the perfect comfort strap for skateboarders. The RuckSack ensures the skaters, hikers hang the bags on their backs in any weather condition. Because the material has made it water resistant. Importantly, you feel the balanced bag while carrying it on your back due to S-curve padded shoulders. It also allows you to carry the bag by hand.

They have brought an Anti-Theft feature. It includes multiple pockets to place your personal belongings. This feature has been introduced to keep those things away from the thief or safe. Both females and males can use this bag for their skateboards.

Now, one of the things that we think about before making the purchase is what if we get the damaged product. Let me tell you that this bag comes with a warranty. If you find any problem with the bag, you can contact them for refunding or change.

What We Like

What We Don’t

  • High-quality fabric-constructed bag
  • USB charging port for phone charging
  • Rucksack made to resist water
  • Anti-theft pockets for placing precious accessories
  • Perfect for every type of travel
  • Human technology is used for soft straps
  • You have got a 100% warranty here
  • Made for small boards, although we can adjust bigger boards too

2- VANS Skates Pack 3 Student Backpack

VANS Skates Pack 3 Student Backpack

Specifications: Best size backpack for skateboards

  • The 100% polyester cloth bag is made to provide durability and soft placing of accessories inside
  • You have got a size of 19.5 x 13 x 5.75 inches
  • Wide straps have allowed your skateboard to be tightened easily and securely
  • Extra padded laptop compartments for placing personal belongings
  • There are side pockets with elastic tops
  • The novices and experts can have this versatile option

The VANS skates student backpack is made with 100% polyester cloth. I wasn’t familiar with this material but after using this bag for several months. I found it the perfect substance for this student skateboard backpack. Besides the durability of the bag and the way wide straps hold the skateboard, I just loved it. The bands tighten the skateboard as any skater would like to.

It has got dimensions of 19.5 x 13 x 5.75 inches. The skateboarders have got the extra advantage of this backpack. As you can put your important gadgets as well with your best skateboard deck. Because this bag is come up with padded laptop compartments. So, if this is the first bag for your skateboard or the 50th. You can select this versatile and durable skate backpack.

Further, there are side stretchy pockets. I used these pockets for putting the water bottle. In summer, I used to put on my small towel for cleaning the moisture. It depends on you, which accessories you want to fill those pockets.

What We Like

What We Don’t

  • 19.5 x 13 x 5.75 inches made polyester cloth skateboard student backpack
  • The strong and wide straps hold the skateboard securely
  • Padded laptop compartments for adding extra accessories
  • Versatile and super durable bag
  • Side elastic top pockets
  • Best for beginners and professionals
  • High in price

3- NIXON Hauler Skate 25L Backpack

NIXON Hauler 25L Backpack

Specifications: Best durable with multiple features

  • The 19 x 10 x 7 inches are made with 600D and 70D polyester Repreve materials to make the bag more durable
  • The skate adjustable straps allow you to adjust the skateboard as tightly as it remains secure
  • If you are having the 9 or below inches wide board, get this bag for an amazing experience
  • There are tons of pockets inside and outside to utilize for education accessories or anything else
  • Separate storage for the laptop is provided
  • It allows you to open the bag up to 270 degrees for easy installing

Other than the quality, the thing that inspires me about the bag is the extra pockets. It gives an advantage to students. And I blissfully used to have these types of bags in my college days. Because I had to put my laptop and other small accessories in my backpack. The same attributes have got the NIXON Hauler backpack.

This backpack is made with Repreve materials. 600D polyester is used to make the exterior part more durable. And 70D polyester has been used to construct the interior part of the bag. This good has got some extra internal organizer pockets. You can luckily open the bag up to 270 degrees and store your personal information there.

Now, how wide a skateboard will be suitable for this board? I haven’t faced any problems with the 9.0 longboard. With the adjustable skate straps, you can easily tight your skateboard safely. The side pockets can be utilized by putting the water bottle in. Almost 70% of the bottle will be covered by their side pockets.

You have got the zipper pocket for the watches or any smaller media products right with the side handles. There are different colors of bags, you can select according to your choice. And the size you will get is 19 in x 10 in x 7 in.

What We Like

What We Don’t

  • It can carry 9 inches wide skateboard or longboard
  • Made with 600D and 70D Repreve materials for exterior and interior construction
  • Side with Plush Lined Pocket
  • Internal organizer pockets for storing personal accessories
  • Adjustable skate straps
  • 15″ laptop compartments
  • The top zip opens up to 270 degrees
  • Careless use of zippers can damage them

4- Nike SB RPM BackPack

Nike SB RPM BackPack

Specifications: Best for beginners and professionals

  • Two velcro straps are used to ensure that the skateboard is safe and secure
  • Adding a blanket or a jacket is possible by using the buckle straps
  • You can add 5 sets of clothes by using different sizes of pockets
  • The high-quality fabric has made the bag durable
  • Whatever the duration of the trip is, you can use this bag
  • Perfect choice for beginners and professionals

Sometimes the quality wins over the extra features or the size of the product. Nike SB RPM has brought quality into their backpack to make them long-lasting. This bag is not as big as the other bags mentioned above. But it has got enough pockets to store your compulsory gadgets for traveling.

Some limits are created in terms of usage when the product is constructed. But I have used this bag for both shorter and longer trips. Even I have carried it as a handbag and on the back. There have not been seen any deformation or damage to zippers.

Different sizes of zip pockets allow the placing of 4 to 5 sets of clothes. The first thing that I like the most about the Nike backpack is the appropriate and safe side pockets. Whenever I travel with this bag, I utilize the side patches by putting on my phone charger and earbuds. Because you can easily and quickly access these accessories. This bag has got backside felt pockets as well to store your perfume or sunglasses.

Note: Never go anywhere when you have the Nike. Whatever the product you choose, my experience with Nike is, you will get something amazing. The same goes for the backpack, straps are qualitative and have got the ability to remain for years, if you use them professionally.

Nike backpack has got my board

Another thing I like is the two Velcro straps on the front. These assist the skaters to secure their board without damaging any part of the skateboard. And just take a look at the buckle straps at the bottom. These are easily adjustable, you can strap something big in size. But make sure that the skateboard remains safe, even if it gets touched.

What We Like

What We Don’t

  • High-quality fabric material for enhancing durability
  • Different size pockets for storing 4 to 5 sets of clothes
  • Side and backside felt patches
  • Velcro straps for tightening your skateboard securely
  • You can add a jacket or blanket by using Buckle straps
  • Versatile and durable bag for longer and shorter trips
  • Beginners might say it’s expensive but professionals will know the worth

5- Element Mohave Skate Backpack

Element Mohave skate backpack

Specifications: Best for multifunction use

  • The skateboard straps are going to last for years
  • Water-resistant skate backpack
  • Made with 100% polyester
  • Plenty of pocket options especially for a local skateboarder
  • Multifunction bag for providing multiple spaces around the bag

This skate backpack is made with satisfying 100% material polyester. Because the polyester increases the durability of the backpack. Which means you don’t need to pay every couple of months. The Mohave has got multiple features to ensure us one of the best options to consider.

Apart from the quality of the bag, you have got multiple pockets on the front and side areas. The 15″ padded laptop sleeves are made for college or office-going skaters. Thanks to this feature, I used to add my clothes in this padded sleeve for longer trips.

And I used to keep the front pocket limited for the skate tool or something else. A skating tool is more important for any skater than skateboarding. The side zippers’ drop pockets allow you to add your earbuds, earphones, or headphones.

The water bottle has also got space on the side of the backpack. And the top tricot pouch has been added for storing your sunglasses. One thing that I like the most is their quality straps and the skateboard holder. I would say this is something you can hold up for several years.

I have never seen falling my skateboard breaking the holder of straps. More importantly, you can adjust the straps on the chest with its adjustable sternum system. I forgot to mention one thing, there is a coating on the exterior side of the backpack. So, it can resist wet conditions as well.

What We Like

What We Don’t

  • 100% polyester material sturdy and durably constructed backpack
  • Long-lasting straps for the skateboard
  • 15″ laptop padded sleeve
  • Sunglasses pouch and side zipless pocket for water bottle
  • Side pockets for storing earphones or anything else suitable
  • Water-resistant bag
  • A versatile bag with a lot of benefits
  • Unable to find any flaw

Factors That Makes The Best Skateboard Backpacks

Best skate backpacks

The common product doesn’t need specific research. You just scroll down and buy the product less in price. But when it comes to particular, you will have to spend time on research to find the suitable as well as quality one.

Similarly, the common bags can get someone casually. But finding the bag that provides you space for skateboarding and for other accessories. It becomes necessary to do some research. Let’s find out all the factors that make the best skate backpacks.


Best skateboard backpacks buying guide

As I said earlier, the size matters a lot. Doesn’t matter what type of product you are looking for. Because the size has got a direct relation with performance and comfort. If we look into the capacity of bags.

The higher the capacity of the bag is, the more you can use it for longer trips. So, if you are having with a capacity of 25L, 35L, or even above, you can go for the bag. The dimensions you can consider for strapping the skateboard are 19 x 10 x 6 inches.

Comfort Fitting

Well, this is one of the most essential factors for the skateboarder. Because if carrying the bag hurts you, you won’t be able to do this again. Also, strapping the board in the wrong can damage the board. Your best skateboard wheels will be against the backpack. Just consider these factors and get the comfort bag.

  • Padding And Straps

There should be a padding bag. Because it makes the backside of the backpack softer and more comfortable. Also, it makes the shoulder straps wearable with a lot of softness. For getting a comfortable feeling while wearing the bag.

You have to consider this element. So whatever the type of straps is whether the chest or shoulder straps. The padding should be done to have a soft and solace feeling.

External Construction

Every factor keeps its own gold mine. You just need to understand how important these factors are for getting the best skateboard backpack. The exterior of the backpack should also be made of high quality. Only the use of high-quality material isn’t enough. The addition of features to protect the bag from weather conditions is also essential.

  • Durability

You see different material bags in the market. If you are a beginner, you will be confused while choosing the right material. Let’s defeat this confusion, the polyester is the name that can add the required durability.

This material doesn’t wear quickly. And the construction with this material is lightweight. You won’t get your shoulders or chest hurt.

  • Water Resistant

If you don’t like outdoor skateboarding while raining, you can ignore this feature. For the sake of information, you can get into this. I have reviewed multiple backpacks that have wear resistance ability. It’s important to have a waterproof bag. As rain can be started anytime anywhere.


Backpack Pockets

Pockets can be extra features for some and a few of them would love to have them. There are four types of pockets, the Main compartment, and the Secondary compartment. Front pockets, and the Side pockets.

  • Main or Primary Compartment

The main compartment includes all the inner sections of the skateboard backpack. And you can access this compartment from the outside through the zip. You open the outside zip and find plenty of pockets inside for storing smaller or bigger accessories. It all depends on the shape and size of the pocket.

  • Secondary compartment

As compared to the main compartment, you get thinner results in terms of pocket size. You can store your smaller elopements in this specific apartment. Almost every brand uses this type in their bags.

  • Front Compartment

The front compartment has got straps to secure the skateboard. Some brands provide adjustable straps and few of them give this option. There are exterior pockets as well for placing essential smaller gadgets.

  • Side compartment

You get at least one pocket on both sides of the backpack. I have seen most of the time the pockets are used for putting the water bottles. Well, it depends on what you would like to put that remains safe as well.


Yes, you can carry your skateboard in a backpack. But make sure the backpack with skateboard straps is quite soft and durable. Polyester can get this job done for you.

The skaters wear backpacks to store their smaller accessories like Skate tools, glasses, or something essential. But the main reason for wearing a backpack is to fasten the board with its straps when not riding.


Most of the time the skaters damage their board by strapping it with the wrong backpack. The skateboard gets cracks or scratches touching the wrong piece of material. You always need the right equipment to get the required output. And the best skateboard backpacks come with adjustable or Velcro straps. These straps don’t let your skateboard fall or damage your best skateboard grip tape.

And the polyester material would be the winning choice. Because it makes the backpack more durable. Water resistance is another feature that should be considered.

It’s essential for those who love to travel many times when there it’s raining. There are more factors covered in the whole guide. So, make sure to go through all the guides for better understanding and to have the best backpack.

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