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7 Tested Best Complete Skateboards Last For The Years 2023

Acquiring the best complete skateboards can be the freedom for those who hate assembling the skateboard. Also, having a completely quality skateboard costs you less than buying separate skateboard components. There are many factors that can bring the expected riding experience.

Riding with the only quality skateboard can’t get you the taste of a better ride. Because the suitable size and the basics of skateboarding are the inclusion elements to consider as well. The skateboard works with three main components, the trucks, wheels, and the deck. To get an outstanding experience, these skateboard parts should be up to the mark in terms of quality and suitability.

If you are a beginner, the purpose shouldn’t be getting a complete board at less price. Rather it helps you enhance your confidence level. And provide you with the perfect balance that every starter should look for. But we have got the less in-budget high-quality skateboards for the novices and the old hand too.

Top 3 Complete Skateboards

CCS Complete skateboard

CCS Complete Skateboard

  • The 7 plies maple wood deck ensures you the longevity of your skateboard for different styles of skating
  • Flexibility and the stiffness has got this skateboard is amazing
  • 100a wheels and the ABEC 7 bearings are made to provide you with grippy and fast riding
  • The skateboard is designed for different styles of skating
  • Every level of skater can get this superb complete skateboard
Powell peralta vato rats complete board

Powell Vato Rats

  • Birchwood is used to construct the skateboard that has got the extreme durability
  • The skateboard contains higher compression strength and shock resistance ability
  • Speed cream lubricant to protect bearings from wearing dirt
  • Speedy wheels and durable bearings
  • Premium alloy trucks are made to provide a smooth turning experience
  • The street, park, and ramp skaters will definitely enjoy this board
Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard White 7.75

Enjoi Whitey Panda

  • Perfect quality and suitable board for the kids, as well as the beginners, can consider this an ideal start
  • Best for the pro riders too, because it allows playing technical openly
  • The skate tool is provided to tight or lose the parts anytime anywhere
  • No doubt about durability and strength, high-quality resin epoxy maple is used
  • Non-slippery grip tape is added

Best skateboards That Don’t Disappoint

Extracting the best skateboards after experiencing a lot of different brands. Whenever we test the products, initially we prefer the versatility at affordable bucks to get the board for every style. Then we move towards the specific style for those who love to skate their particular favorite style.

The price varies because it mostly depends on the brands. As we have mentioned in our reviews some of the best skateboard brands provide quality at a decent value. But some charges are higher due to their specific reasons.

For example, a few products of Powell Peralta are a little bit expensive. Because their skateboards have got epic durability and quality. And no one can beat this as well. We have reviewed the super durable skateboards to help the apprentice for the best grip and balance. And to assist the master of riders to have the technical skating experience.

Image Product Best For Price
CCS-skateboard-complete [CCS] Skateboard Complete Best versatile skateboard set Check Price
Powell Peralta Vato Rats Complete Skateboards (2) Powell Peralta Vato Rats Complete Skateboards Good quality skateboards Check Price
Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard White 7.75 (1) Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard 7.75 Best complete skateboards for beginners Check Price
Stoked-Ride-Shop-Skateboard-Complete Stoked Ride Complete Skateboard Best complete skateboards for tricks
Check Price
Skatro-Pro-Skateboard-Complete-Skateboard Skatro Pro Complete Skateboard Best pre-built skateboards Check Price
SANTA-CRUZ-screaming-hand-complete-Skateboard-4 Santa Cruz 8″ and 31.25″ complete board Best for beginners and kids Check Price
Element-Aquazen-Complete-Skateboard-1 Element Aquazen Complete Skateboard Best for technical skaters Check Price

1- [CCS] Skateboard Complete

CCS complete skateboard

Specifications: Pro skateboards complete

  • The long-lasting skateboard is made with 7 plies of maple wood
  • To make it durable, flexible and sturdy material is used
  • 100a wheels and the ABEC 7 bearings are installed to have the smoother and more speedy ride
  • You have got the skate tool too tight or lose the parts when you need
  • Different colors and sizes are provided to choose what you like and suits you
  • This is an absolutely versatile skateboard, you can use it for technical skating as well as cruising

If you want to invest one time in a skateboard, the best investing source is CCS complete skateboard. Because I have ridden this skateboard for 3 years. The tricks had also been performed on this board. The best skateboard deck is made with sturdy and flexible 7 plies maple wood. Interestingly, whenever you skate, the same feeling you got when you rode it the first time. So, it gives you a different level of confidence.

Note: Check the image below that shows the skateboard’s condition before and after riding for a year. Also, it has been ridden with aggressive and technical skating. And we are still riding this amazing board.

CCS complete skateboard before and after condition

The skateboards mostly work only for tricks. But thanks to the deck’s classic popsicle shape. Because it has made cruising the board easy to express versatility. The combination of skateboard wheels and bearings is ideal. You have got the 52mm dia and 100a harness vehicles and the ABEC 7 bearings.

The riding speed and the smoothness you get with this combination are amazing. To repair or tighten and lose the wheels or trucks, the skate tool is added. You should go for the brand when you find these options if quality and suitability satisfy. Because not every brand considers this with the skateboard.

What We Like

What we Don’t

  • 7 plies maple wood highly durable skateboard deck
  • The strength is great with good flexibility
  • Best for novices and masters
  • Great combination of 100a wheels and ABEC 7 bearings
  • A Skate tool is added to adjust parts anywhere
  • Versatile skateboard for different styles of riding
  • The stickers can make the board look attractive but are not added

2- Powell Peralta Vato Rats Complete Board

Powell peralta vato rats complete board

Specifications: Good complete skateboards

  • The skateboard is made with extremely strong, lightweight, and durable birch wood
  • It has got the ability to provide the deck a large amount of compression strength and shock resistance
  • Speedy and durable wheels with smooth bearings
  • The special cream lubricant is added to protect the bearings from getting rusty
  • You always need a smooth and stable turning experience, the alloy trucks have done the job
  • This can be the best choice for the technical skaters

Wherever the conversation will be ongoing, the name of Powell Peralta will be taken. I rank this brand in the top 3 in terms of skateboard quality and life. Because I had a few of these brand boards that lasted for 3 to 5 years and even more.

Note: The image we are showing is the result of 4 months. Hardly, you can determine a few spots of mud due to sliding effects.

powell peralta vato rats before and after condition

Let’s take on the material with the deck made. The birch wood is used to make the skateboard stronger. The high compressive strength of wood has got the ability to shock resistance.

This ensures the rider has the deck for the hard landings and technical tricks. The best reason to get this skateboard as a beginner is the trucks. Because these mini logo premia alloy-made trucks make the turning and rolling smooth. When you get stable and balanced turns, it gives confidence to the starter.

These trucks are made to bear the hard impacts and the landings. So, you can perform the tricks without any hesitation. To have a grippy and fast ride, polyurethane’s best skateboard wheels for street skating are used.

I have seen a lot of improvements to the different parts of skateboards. And the changes are made to the requirement of the present era. These parts and the overall skateboard is made for decent riding.

Importantly, the riding level of this skateboard gets increases day by day. The high-quality speedy lubricant and the removable sheets are added to the skateboard. The only reason where the skater will think while getting this skateboard is the price. Otherwise, there is no excuse to ignore this board.

What We Like

What We Don’t

  • Birchwood-made complete skateboard decks
  • Higher compressive strength
  • Good shock resistance quality
  • Speedy and durable wheels and bearings
  • Speed cream lubricant is added
  • Easily turning experience with the best premium alloy trucks designed by the professional skaters
  • Good for street, park, and ramp skating
  • Little bit expensive board

3- Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Board 7.75

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard White 7.75

Specifications: Best complete skateboards for adults

  • An ideal starting skateboard with a size of 7.75 widths and 31″ long for youngsters or kids just getting in
  • Enough speedy bearings with durable wheels for the balanced and safe ride
  • The technical skaters are going to enjoy their ride
  • Installing or adjusting the parts is a big problem when you don’t have a tool, thanks to Enjoi. You have got it too
  • To give your feet full protection while turning or tricking, the non-slippery grip tape is equipped

This skateboard deck is made with resin epoxy maple material for giving it epic strength. Even if the beginner or the kid rides it, the deck will bear the learning impacts. The skateboard has got a medium concave shape. It means a lot for beginners to maintain their balance beautifully. And you can perform the tricks safely.

When it comes to the style of skateboarding, you can do street skating as well as park skating. You might face trouble if you consider it the best for cruising. Although you can check the best cruiser skateboards for the best experience. Because these are purely made for tricks. As the wheels contain a diameter of 52mm with 99a hardness.

Note: Ultimately, we have to change the deck after getting a lot of skateboarding fun from this truly technical skating gem. Everything is performed on this board and fortunately, all the other components are still good enough.

Enjoi whitey panda before and after condition

Easily turnable quality trucks are equipped. And the grip tape to secure your feet while riding or performing technical tricks. Also, the skate tool is added to install all the components.

Or you can use the tool for tightening and loosening. Well, if we look at the design and the way the board behaves. I have found it the best skateboard for kids or younger skaters.

What We Like

What We Don’t

  • The 7.75″ wide and 31″ long deck is made for the beginners
  • The youngsters can get their best first riding experience
  • High-quality resin epoxy maple wood deck
  • 99a 52mm wheels and precision bearings for smooth speed
  • Hardware is added to install easily
  • Non-slippery grip tape
  • Street and park skaters will find it the best board
  • Not good for cruising

4- Stoked Ride Shop Skateboard Complete

Stoked Ride Shop Skateboard Complete

Specifications: Coolest skateboards

  • The board is purely made with Canadian maple and pressed in America
  • It has come up with different sizes and colors to choose
  • Classic modern popsicle shape for performing tricks and cruising as well
  • LiteZpeed trucks for a smooth experience
  • The Wax and Stickers are added to increase the demand for skateboard
  • For decreasing the repairing tension, the hardware is added
  • The classy MOB grip tape is used for securing your feet with the deck while performing tricks
  • One of the best skateboards that I ever had in my skating career

Talking about the previous reviews, there were no stickers that actually enhanced the overall look. The stoked ride included wax and stickers to stick the favorite one onto the skateboard. Let me share a bit of experience with stoked ride. I have been using their boards for a couple of years. Our experience hasn’t been good with their antecedent boards. But this skateboard has put the screws on to consider this because of its versatility.

The 7-plies Canadian maple wood deck ensures the rider has a long-lasting skateboard for the tricks. Because the classic popsicle shape obliged the skaters to do the technical and athletic skills successfully. Also, you can’t only use it for street and park skating. The cruising keeners can ride it too with confidence.

Again you have got the stainless steel hardware to mount the best skateboard trucks. The Litezpeed trucks are used to have a smooth turning experience and tolerate hard impacts. The 100a wheels are ready to help you with the grippy ollies and other tricks. The special MOB grip tape is used for this skateboard to provide the rider’s feet complete protection.

What We Like

What We Don’t

  • Canadian strong maple is used to press in America
  • Superb skateboard with add-on equipment
  • Wax and Stickers are added
  • The classic popsicle shape for not only tricks but also cruising
  • MOB grip tape is used
  • Comes with the skateboard hardware
  • Different sizes and colors to select
  • The LiteZpeed trucks for better turning and durable experience
  • Product and performance-wise, I haven’t found any defect

5- Skatro Pro 31″ Complete Skateboard

Skatro Pro 31" Complete Skateboard


  • The durable maple deck is made with the Adhesive Skatro Technology to make the skateboard more stronger and flexible
  • The perfect combination of wheels and bearings for riding both different styles
  • You will get smooth riding because of the lightweight quality trucks
  • Another brand is come up with the skate tool
  • You have different colors and design offers, you can select accordingly.

We are discussing the skateboard that allows the skater to perform ollies. It allows the rider to show athletic skills by doing technical skating. And cruising has also been allowed by the design of the skateboard.

The unique feature of this skateboard is the Adhesive Technology. The 7 layers of maple wood are used to construct the deck. This adhesive technology has made the equally as strong and durable as a deck made with 8 or 9 layers.

The suitable 95a wheels are made for street skateboarding. These can also be ridden for cruising. Speed is the question that every race lover considers.

You have got here the ABEC 7 best skateboard bearings. You don’t only get the best speed but quiet and smooth riding. And the lightweight but durable 5″ trucks are equipped to give the best turning and carving experience.

I always love to have the skateboard that comes with the skate tool. Because it is a necessary thing for the skateboarder. Anytime, anywhere, you may need this particular equipment. And Skatro has brought the add-on tool for you.

One thing that I like the most about this skateboard is its versatility. Every gender and level of skateboarder can get this board. And a perfect choice for those who love to have both styles of the board.

What We Like

What We Don’t

  • An Adhesive Skatro Technology to make the deck more durable and strong
  • Several colors and designs are provided
  • Every gender and level of skater will be able to get the best ride
  • 95a wheels and ABEC 7 bearings
  • Lightweight 5″ trucks are added for smooth skating
  • A Skate tool is added
  • Quality board for both cruising and street skateboarding
  • I couldn’t get the required color and design

6- SANTA CRUZ 8.0″ x 31.25″ Complete Board

Santa Cruz 8" and 31.25" complete board


  • The 8″ and 31.25″ skateboard is made to entertain the pro skaters with the help of medium concave and strong bearing capacity
  • 7 plies of maple are used to construct the board for providing strength and durability
  • The beginners can learn on this board without breaking and getting another board
  • It would be a good choice for the kids to start a skating career with this board
  • ABEC 5 and 95a wheels are used for a better combination of street skating
  • 40 years of experience in improving skateboard strength and longevity

One of the major issues that I’ve experienced with skateboards is not getting enough life. But Santa has never missed any chance to win the hearts of riders by providing them the quality complete skateboards. The strong and durability matters a lot when someone prefers technical skateboarding. Especially the beginners who use the board for learning ollies and other tricks.

While riding technically, I felt how beautifully the board can bear the impacts and the rehearse hits. This skateboard has finished the fear of losing the board while practicing. Beginners can consider this an ideal complete board for learning purposes as well as improving their riding skills. This 8″ and 31.25″ skateboard is made to entertain the pro riders too by assisting in execution easily.

The board has got a mellow concave to make street skating easy. If we look at the other components, the 95a wheels are capable of doing tricks. At the same time, you can cruise around the town as well. The bearings are ABEC 5 which are neither too fast nor slow. But still satisfies the street skaters.



  • Made with traditional 7-plies Maple wood
  • An ideal complete board for the beginners
  • A little bit of cruising can be done
  • Perfect choice for the street skaters
  • Kids can consider it a better selection to go
  • 95a slime wheels and ABEC 5 bearings
  • Not for heavy riders

7- Element Aquazen Complete Skateboard

Element Aquazen Complete Skateboard


  • The maple-made skateboard has come in 2 different sizes 7.75″ and 8″ with 31.25
  • It has got a wheelbase of 14″ with a Nose of 6.85″ and a Tail of 6.2″
  • Street skaters will find this board superb
  • The beginners can learn fastly without having fear of breaking
  • Wheels keep the 99a durometer and 52mm diameter with ABEC 5 bearings
  • An affordable complete skateboard comes in an alluring logo and design

Another beginner-oriented skateboard that helps the riders to learn not only superiorly but fastly. More importantly, learning the tricks can cause skateboard damage. But this Element Aquazen board has made skating easier than you think. My beginner friend didn’t know about skateboarding till 2022 august. Now he is riding professionally and all he has learned on this board.

The skateboard is purely made for technical skaters. Because the wheels are made with a durometer of 99a and 52mm diameter. And the ABEC 5 bearings ensure the rider has a better experience when performing tricks. To be honest, this isn’t only good for beginners. The pro riders can also take the benefits by using this strong deck for tricks.

Sometimes, we need to change the setup by replacing the required parts. But this one has come up with the right components to get the technical style done efficiently. Other than the quality and the riding experience, the shipment was so quick. As I got the order a few days before. Whatever your level of riding is, I would suggest everyone consider this board for the ideal experience.



  • Maple wood is used to manufacture the skateboard deck
  • 100% beginner-oriented skateboard
  • Strong and durable board
  • Made for the tricks
  • 99a wheels and ABEC 5 bearings
  • Ridden this as a beginner for 6 months
  • Alluring graphics and the design
  • No flaw

What To Look For When Buying The Best Complet Skateboards

complete skateboards

All of you have to go through and consider some essential factors before buying the best complete skateboards. Because it becomes almost impossible for everyone to get a suitable skateboard. Let’s elaborate on the elements one by one. And what to consider and why it’s so essential.

Skateboard Deck

One of the precious factors and important components you will be needed to stand on is the deck. And there is no doubt that it has to be qualitative and suits your style and size too. If you don’t get the quality material made deck, it will break soon.

And when the size and style are not suitable, you might be losing your interest. Because you can’t place your feet on the skateboard easily. You struggle a lot with the wrong size

Deck Material

The material is one of the initial elements you must consider. If you are getting the option of maple wood-made skateboard decks. You can go for a specific skateboard. But take a look at the layers of wood, it must be at least 7 plies to make it stronger and more durable.


The size totally depends on your shoe size and height. If you love to skate in streets and parks, you should go with a deck width of 7.5″-8.0″. The shoe size 6-8 can go for the skateboard deck of 7.25″-7.325″. And if you are above 9+, skateboards more than 7.5 would be the better choice.


Every component matters a lot in skateboarding. You can’t get a smooth and quiet ride if one part is absent. The skateboard should be assembled with every part. There are different types of wheels, some are the best skateboard wheels for street skating. And some provide you with better rides when it comes to cruising.

The wheels that keep a hardness of 95a-101a and a diameter of 50mm-54mm are best for street and park skateboarding. And if you go up, you find the cruiser wheels.

How to choose the right complete skateboard

Wheels Material

One of the best materials for the wheels is polyurethane. Now, you are getting the urethane material associated with the specific technology. These technologies are enhancing durability. And focusing on how to provide a smoother faster ride.


Hardness is the essential factor that helps the riders to recognize the suitable style. the best softness of cruiser skateboard wheels ranges from 78a-87a. And the diameter you can consider in the range of 54mm-60mm. You can get these wheels super suitable for cruising.


The bearings come with the ABEC rating to realize the style. As it starts from 0 to 9 and counts in odd numbers. The higher the rating, the better the speed you get. The ABEC 1 are the bearings that spin too slowly. On the other hand, the ABEC 9 bearings fastest and are used for longboards.

The ABEC 7 are the widely used bearings for skateboards. ABEC 5 is used for the cruiser skateboard wheels. You can select according to your preferred style of riding.


There is a direct relationship between skateboard trucks with the deck. When the width of the deck will be bigger, you will need to have bigger axle trucks. If you are having a skateboard in the range of 7.75″-8.0″, you might be getting a 7.75″ size truck axle.

Most skaters prefer 8″ to 8.5′ decks. So, you have to get at least 8.0″ trucks for smooth installation. Similarly, when you move towards the longboards, you look for 9.0″ trucks.

Grip Tape

You can’t ignore this component. Because it protects your feet when you turn the board. Or when you perform ollies or other tricks. To get balanced and safe riding, you will have to install the best skateboard grip tape as well.


You can get uncounted brands in the skateboarding industry that produce good skateboards. But Powell Peralta, CCS, and Enjoi are the best complete skateboard brands. You get the versatility there with the long-lasting feature.

Well, confusion has been found among the beginners that how much bucks can get us the best complete skateboard. The decent skateboard comes in 80-100$. This isn’t the case always, you can get a good one for around 60$, depending on research.


f someone manages to get a quality and suitable skateboard, the riding is going to be the best ever. But if you find the quality board not suitable. Or even if one of the factors is missed, you won’t ab able to get the best ride. So, the best complete skateboards have been made and reviewed by adding all the factors.

You can go through our top 3 picks as well. Picking the top 3 isn’t an easy task. It requires a lot of time and concentration to find a few differences. Make sure to read the buying guide. Because it will make selecting the right skateboard for your easy.

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