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5 Best Cameras For Skateboarding 2023 (Experts Reviewed)

Skateboarding can be a simple sport for some skaters. But it matters a lot to me as my emotions are attached to it. I selected skateboarding as my hobby 20 years ago. And the system of capturing my spectacular skating moves started 15 years ago. To film your past performances, you will need the best cameras for skateboarding.

Analyzing a few of the essential factors deeply have always helped me by getting the best cameras:

  • Construction

The structure or the construction of cameras should be sturdy enough. Because when you ride the board, sometimes the camera shakes due to the surface. This can damage the internal structure. It must be strong to tolerate the impacts.

I have lost a few goods because of not having the water-resistant ability. Rain can happen anytime, to resist the rain, the camera should have this quality.

  • Size

Size is another important factor that you need to consider before making a purchase. There are some cameras that can fit on your body or the helmet. And you can install the cameras on your skateboard too by using the clamp.

Also, you will find some camcorders that can be carried in hand. And you can capture stunning moments in this way. It completely depends on which way looks better and more comfortable to you.

  • Quality Of captures

Your total investment is based on this important element. And you can’t ignore the quality at any cost. Because the quality describes how clean and clear images or videos are captured.

If I suggest the recommended pixels and video resolutions. It would be 12 megapixels for amazing quality. And the video resolutions should be 4k minimum. If you are getting the 8k, the videos will be filmed much better. The buying guide contains in-depth and further yardstick, make sure to read it.

Top 3 Skateboarding Cameras

AKASO EK7000 Action camera


  • Comes with the recommended and suitable resolutions of 16MP for images and 4K pixels for videos
  • You get additional 2 rechargeable batteries for tension-less recording
  • These 2 batteries can work for the 3 hours
  • HDMI port and the Wi-Fi feature
  • This camera includes a remote control as well
  • Waterproof feature to capture the moments in the rain
Dragon touch action camera

Dragon Touch Action

  • Video resolution is the same as AKASO UPTO 4K but captures images of 20MP
  • Get the mounting accessory kit which is a good add-on for the skateboarders
  • To make the video more unique, multiple functions are integrated like slow motion, time-lapse, driving mode, etc
  • Get the maximum area covered with this camera up to 170 degree
  • It also comes with 2 rechargeable batteries
  • You can shoot the film in deep water up to 100ft
GoPro HERO10

Gopro HERO10

  • Now the resolution has been increased, Gopro allows us to shoot video at 4K
  • The image can be captured at 23MP
  • It allows the user to use the touchscreen
  • The best feature is that you can capture images while shooting the video
  • To increase the durability, a hydrophobic lens cover has been added
  • Get 2 rechargeable batteries here too with a dual battery charger
  • An amazing attribute is that it captures also brilliant in low light

Best Skate Cameras

Apart from making memories through the best-reviewed cameras. These camcorders have helped me a lot in improving my skating skills. And I would suggest every skateboarder have the polaroid. As I have corrected my tricks by watching my previously filmed tricks videos. As a beginner, sometimes I forgot how I performed specific tricks.

There are more precious things that I have learned via these cameras. You don’t only capture the memorable moments. But also assist you in improving your athletic skills. You don’t need to be on TV. Just pick up the camera, and film the skateboarding. Show your athletic moves on social media. And be a social media skating influencer by impressing skateboarders.

Being a user of cameras for a decade, I have brought some of the just breathtaking and highly efficient polaroids. Our experience and the hard work of several days and nights have succored us in choosing the best cameras in the world. Let’s find cost-effective yet quality skateboarding cameras.

Image Product Best For   Price
AKASO-EK7000-4K30FPS-Action-Camera AKASO EK7000 Action Camera Best camera for filming skateboarding Check Price
Dragon-Touch-4K-Action-Camera Dragon Touch Action Camera Best for shooting in deep water Check Price
GoPro-HERO10-Black-Camera GoPro HERO10 Black Camera Best for dim light Check Price
AKASO-Brave-4-4K-20MP-WiFi-Action-Camera AKASO Brave 20MP WiFi Action Camera Best for focused results Check Price
ORDRO-4K-Video-Camera ORDRO 4K Video Camera Best size camera for skateboarders Check Price

1- AKASO EK7000 Action Camera

AKASO EK7000 Action Camera

Specifications: Everything you need in the camera

  • This AKASO comes with 4K video resolution with 16MP images quality which makes it much better than traditional cameras
  • You have got the 2 rechargeable batteries to continue the recording session for at least 180 minutes
  • Through the Wi-Fi and HDMI ports, you can quickly share the files with the friends
  • To make the shooting more convenient, the remote control is provided
  • Capture nature in deep water up to 100 feet by using this camera

The quality supremacy of producing photos and videos is just amazing. There are very few cameras that have captured my riding and outstanding scenes as brilliant as AKASO EK7000 has caught. Because it has got 16 Megapixels images and 4K 30Fps & 2.7K 30Fps video resolution at 30 frames per second to appear beyond belief and sharp.

Those who have used traditional cameras will aware of the difference in resolution. I have got 4 times better quality in this ultra HD camera than the common camcorders. The 2.4G wireless remote has been added to capture natural beauty conveniently.

Apart from the quality and remote features, you’ve got another hallmark of 2 rechargeable batteries. These contain the energy-holding power of 1050mAh. I love this attribute because you can use these two batteries for 180 minutes. So, you can easily record or shoot long trips easily with this camera.

Note: AkASO EK7000 has done a superb job. We had a bit of a mistake in that the direction of the camera was straight, not upward. But still, it captured what we were looking for.

Do you love to have those captured moments on your mobile phone? This model is come up with a built-in HDMI feature and access to wi-fi in the range of 10 meters. By using this feature, share those images and videos within the seconds.

Importantly, the waterproof ability is going to be a lot of fun for skaters who love to ride in the rain. The remote hasn’t got the ability, it would be better to keep it away from water. Get this durable versatile and cost-effective camera and film your best moments.



  • 16 megapixels with 4K 30Fps & 2.7K 30Fps video resolution
  • It can capture at 30 frames per second
  • It comes with 2 rechargeable batteries
  • Batteries can last for 180 minutes
  • Versatile and sturdy
  • Built-in HDMI and WI-Fi feature
  • Wireless 2.4G remote control for convenience
  • Waterproof polaroid
  • Recording ceaselessly will decrease the life of batteries

2- Dragon Touch Action Camera

2- Dragon Touch 4K with 20MP Action Camera

Specifications: Best camera for videoing sports

  • The 20MP photos camera captures the images much flowier
  • Get this camera and have the additional mounting kit
  • You can run the videos with different functions like slow motion and time-lapse
  • More importantly, you can cover the outstanding views up to 170 degrees
  • These two batteries allow the user to shoot in deep water for 180 minutes without the fear of battery charging

Before coming onto the quality of this camcorder, the feature that I like is the addition of an accessories kit. Because sometimes we need to get the mounting types of equipment separately to install the camera on a skateboard. By buying this camera, you will get the mounting kit. You will be able to install it on a helmet or a stand.

An attractive attribute that every photographer would love to have in their cameras is the limit of capturing angle. If we look at good skateboard cameras, these capture the view up to 110 degrees. But Dragon Touch has brought the 170-degree camera for the skateboarders to have everything in the film they want.

The video resolution is the same as the AKASO was offering. But this one has come up with the 20MP photos to have such captivating results. And you can zoom the image up to 4x without the obscure consequence.

Not only the skateboarders can use this amazing set. Swimmers and surfers can also get this because of its waterproofing feature. Yes, you’ve heard right. You can dive as deep as 100ft and you can capture the moments there too. And the remote control feature will make it easier in doing the action.

One more feature that needs to be discussed is the multiple functions of the polaroid. You have got different working functions like driving mode, rotation of images, opening the video at slow speed, time-lapse, etc. You can make your images and photos unique by applying these functions. An absolutely versatile camera with add-on accessories for everyone.



  • Waterproof high-resolution 4k videos and 20MP images best action camera for skateboarding
  • It comes with a mounting accessories kit
  • Multiple different functions are included like time laps, slow motion, and driving mode
  • It can cover the view up to 170 degrees, which is huge
  • It can shoot in water as deep as 100ft
  • Includes the two rechargeable batteries
  • It takes a bit of time to capture

3- GoPro HERO10 Black Camera

GoPro HERO10 Black Camera

Specifications: Best GoPro for skateboarding last for years

  • The 5.3K video resolution and 23MP images for capturing the skating moves
  • Shoot the images while filming a video that requires the immediate capturing
  • You have got the touch screen feature to have the quick access
  • Dual battery charger and 2 batteries to keep the shooting going on without any hesitation
  • To make the lens durable, a hydrophobic lens cover is added
  • You get better results in low light too
  • Have this an amazing camera for the years

The first thing that I liked about the GoPro HERO10 camera was the sharpest shooting of videos and images. You are getting a higher resolution of images and videos up to 23MP and 5.3K. Previously, we had 30fps. here you have got the 60fps to have smoother and faster results.

The best and most unique feature of this camcorder is its versatility. As it allows the users to start the video in 8x slow motion at 2.7K. Even more important, when I needed to capture the photo. I used to stop the video running at 2.7K and still getting captured at 15.8MP quality. Which makes it an amazing camera for shooting the on-time necessary moments while shooting the video.

This action camera has got multiple unique features. The touch screen is the demand of the current era. And it gives you quick access to your favorite features and stunning shoots. Another feature that every shooter will love is the image and texture quality in dim light. It provides fine results in low light too.

Note: Your concentration might divert to our tricks while watching the video. But take a look at our experience and the quality of GoPro by shooting our best tricks video.

They have just added the new attribute of a hydrophobic lens cover to protect the lens from water. And that ensures you quality shooting in the depth of water without any fear of damage. The 2 black batteries are provided additionally to make the shooting convenient initially. To charge these batteries, you have got the dual battery charger too.

You might find Gopro HERO10 an expensive camera. But the quality and features deserve this cost. GoPro is known for producing outstanding cameras with different attributes and qualities. So, you are going to have the perfect camera for your skateboarding.

This camcorder is not going to last for months but years. There are a further couple of options that provide the accessories for mounting to your desired area. Get the camera that suits your requirements.



  • 23MP and 5.3K images and video resolution
  • Allos to capture images while shooting running videos at slo-mo too
  • Shoots the film at 60fps
  • Waterproof camera with touchscreen feature
  • 2 black batteries with dual battery charger
  • Hydrophobic lens cover to protect the camera from water
  • Gives better results in low light too
  • Going to last for years
  • An expensive polaroid to consider

4- AKASO Brave 20MP Wi-Fi Action Camera

AKASO Brave 20MP WiFi Action Camera

Specifications: Good skateboard camera

  • The gyroscope feature is already built-in into the camera to make your skateboarding images more focused
  • The accessory kit is essential, especially for skateboarders, you have got 19 accessories kits for better
  • Get your favorite moments covered by this 170-degree camcorder
  • I love to share my memories to share at my social media profiles by using a Wi-Fi connection with an HDMI port
  • The given kit can fit different brands of cameras like GoPro

If we compare this camcorder with the previous version of the AKASO EK7000, it has got a better resolution. You can call this an upgrade version of AKASO that produce superb skateboarding cameras. As a cameraman, I would love to have the polaroid that can cover the maximum area. This brave action camera contains 4k/30fps video resolution and captures the maximum area up to 170 degrees.

Most of the cameramen complain about the instability of an image. This camcorder has come up with the gyroscope feature which is already integrated with the camera. Make your images or videos 100% clean and focused by getting this superlative polaroid.

You can’t ignore the accessory kit that helps you mount the camera on the helmet or the board. Thanks to the AKASO 20MP camera that provides high-pixel images comes with 19 types of equipment kits. And the waterproof feature makes it possible to shoot the video in water by diving up to 30m.

Capturing the images and shooting the films is now easy to share with this set. Because it has given the HDMI port with the Wi-Fi feature to share in seconds. But the Wi-Fi signals will work in the range of 10m. The beauty of this set is you can use the kits for other brands’ cameras like GoPro.



  • To have fast and smooth results in filming, 1080p resolution at 60fps
  • To make your shooting stable and focused, the gyroscope feature is integrated
  • 19 accessories kit to fit any camera
  • Can cover the 170-degree view
  • HDMI port and Wi-Fi connection feature
  • Sound quality might be the question mark while shooting in water

5- ORDRO 4K Video Camera

ORDRO 4K Video Camera

Specifications: Best for versatility

  • Different functions like CMOS sensors have the focus image results
  • The night infrared version adjusts the light system and brings the best quality
  • Have the power bank with the camera that can keep the recording going on
  • This camcorder comes in a lightweight size that fits the hands
  • Make your shooting easier with the remote control
  • The Wi-fi must be under the 3m to have the good connection

The ORDRO camcorder’s best attribute that I like while using this camera is the HD and multiple resolutions. You can shoot the video at 720p minimum with 120fps. And the maximum you can get is as high as 4K at 24fps. Also, you can keep the HD quality remains the same even by zooming it up to 30x. Which makes it really a qualitative polaroid to have as a skateboarder.

Note: One of the best experiences with ORDRO that I have got is one of the comfortable cameras to carry in my hands. And the way it zoomed the image was amazing. See the image below that we took at a contest between technical skaters.

ORDRO 4K Captures stunning images

The thing that I should admire is that it comes with a 13MP CMOS sensor. It allows the camcorder to shoot images at 24MP. More importantly, the sensor and infrared night version has got the quality of stabilizing the image. Whether it has been captured in heavy light or not. Make your skateboarding trip indelible or historic with this special camera.

This lightweight and suitable-sized polaroid can easily fit your hands. And you can film your skating moves and the natural beauty in the background conveniently with your hands. Every camera keeps a unique factor or provides something comfortable with the camcorder. This polaroid comes with a power bank to keep the recording going on if the charging is less.

With a Wi-Fi connection, you can send those recordings to your friends. You can create better objects of video or image files in no time by turning on the time-lapse mode. Another attractive feature is an external microphone to have the ultimate sound quality of the recording. To make the shooting more convenient, a remote control is given.

A couple of accessories are provided that professionals can take benefit from. You can enhance the life of the lens by covering it with the lens hood. The battery charger, batteries, and HDMI cable are for executing a successful shooting.

There are tons of benefits to using this camera. You can shoot at wider as well as shorter angles by using the accessories. One thing that you have to compromise on is the video size. The video will be stopped once the 4Gb size is completed.



  • Can be zoomed up to 30X while the HD quality remains the same
  • 13MP CMOS sensor and infrared night versions for stable filming
  • It comes with a power bank to avoid recording from finishing
  • Connect the Wi-Fi connection from the maximum 3m distance
  • Multiple accessories for professional shooting
  • Best size to fit in hands with lightweight
  • A purely versatile camera comes with remote control
  • The video will be stopped once the 4Gb size is completed

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Cameras For Skateboarding

Skateboarding cameras

Cameras are indeed a great source of saving amazing moments and sharing them with your relatives and friends. Sharing with dear ones gives an inside relief that no one can beat. I still open my skateboarding videos in front of my kids and family. And show them how passionate I was about skating. And how many places I have visited by riding the longboards.

If you are just going to select the best skateboarding cameras for yourself. Make sure to follow the guide and the points that are going to be discussed below.

Photos Ability

There are two main things that the camera provides us. The first one is a photo and the second one is a video. And no one can compromise on the quality of images. It must contain a high resolution for better results.

  • Rating Of Pixels

The quality of images is depending on the pixel’s rating. One thing to remember, we shouldn’t go for the camera that produces a good image. Rather we need the camcorder that quality remains the same even after seeing the picture. I would suggest having the polaroid in the range of 10-16MP for best results.

 If you have found a camera that contains more MP, it would be strongly preferred. If you are alone and no one is around to capture the image. You will be needed to have a camera that contains the attribute of schedule capturing. So, if you find these types of functions. It will become more convenient for the capturer.

Video Quality

Only having a great camera for images isn’t enough. Because the videos are more beneficial and help us in reviving past memories with a lot of detail. So we want a camera that captures the quality of both images and videos.

  • Resolution Quality

There are different brands that sell cameras having a resolution count of 2K, 4K, 5K, and even more. Let’s make it simple, the higher the pixels count you get, the better the results you are going to get. The pixels that I recommend are 4K to 5K. It doesn’t mean that the below numbers provide bad results. Even you can get the quality at 720p as well. But 5K will bring unbelievable scenes to your videos.

  • Frame Per Second

This factor should also be considered as it determines how quickly the action is done within a second. The camcorders come with 30fps and 60fps. Even I have reviewed one of the cameras that contains 120fps. But the pixels were shot at 120fps. You can go with the 60fps for the expected consequences.

  • Functions

You get different functions offered by dissimilar brands. These can be necessary things for those who love to have some effects on their skateboarding videos. Slow-motion is the function that some of the sellers provide. Also, time-lapse, pause features, and driving mode can help you in shooting with comfort.

Way Of Carrying

After the quality, the size matters a lot as the way you will adopt to install it. Whether you want to carry it in your hands, attach it with the helmet or with your body. Or installing it on your skateboard would be a better option. This all depends on the size of the camcorder that fits the required place. So, see the dimensions then take action.

Accessories To Consider

Most of the time, the polaroids come with an accessories kit. This makes the camera more valuable as the skateboarders can easily install the camcorders in the desired place. Some cameras include the equipment to install on helmets or bodies. To attach the camera to a skateboard, you will be needed a clamp and its grip. So, get the camera that comes with the mounting tools.

Other Features That Makes A Quality Camera

  • Waterproof Quality

You can’t forget this feature as anyone can face this condition. Try to get cameras that provide waterproof attributes. The reviewed cameras have got the ability to shoot the film in the water. But there is some instruction about how deep you can go.

  • Access To Your Mobile

Having the HDMI port and Wi-Fi connection quality compels you to have it. Because it allows you to get the connection under a limited distance. And share the files by using the HDMI port to your mobile. Which makes it more convenient for the user.

  • Battery Worries While Shooting

Some given camcorders come up with 2 rechargeable batteries and dual battery chargers too. And one battery can last for 90 minutes. You can use it without any hesitation charging continuously for 180 minutes.

Similarly, there are multiple features in our reviewed cameras. If we keep talking about the attributes of camcorders, the whole night will get past. But the attributes in too much detail will not be ended. All the characteristics are already well explained above.

Let’s take on how you can install the camera on your skateboard. And the best way of capturing stunning images.

How To Install Camera On Skateboard

1- First of all make sure that you have the clamp grip for attaching the camera to board

2- Once you have the grip, fasten the clamp with the grip

3- If you look at the clamps, it contains the bolts

4- Tight it and fix the camera with the required focus

5- Gooseneck is important, it must be in the right direction

6- Now check the focus, is it good? If good then starts riding

How To Be a Good Photographer As A Skateboarder

How to capture a good photo
  • Cleaning the back lens will lead you to the clear results
  • As a photographer, I would love to have the lighting area
  • A good background would be recommended if you are not the editor
  • Focus is the necessity for expected outcomes, just the camera accordingly
  • Shutter speed can describe how sharp the images will be captured

Tips For The Beginner Shooters

If you have just bought a camera for skateboarding. Try our guide and install the camera on the skateboard. Once it is installed, don’t waste your power on showing athletic moves for the recording.

Just give it a try for a minute, whether it is working well or shooting video focus or not. If not then do the correction and again ride for a minute. Now if the problem is solved, you can move towards the bigger rides and record your favorite moments with our best skateboarding cameras.


You just need to follow the factors for getting the best skateboard camera. The skaters use multiple cameras but mostly used camcorders are GoPro cameras. Get our Gopro Hero10 and have unbelievable results with multiple features.

1- Get the tripod for your camera
2-Fix the camera in the tripod
3- Get a camera that can cover 170 degree
4- Would be better to find a friend for focus and clearly footage
5- Some precious tricks can be missed without a person
6- A rolling camera will get you the proper filming


Past experiences and wonderful memories matter a lot. As it can be proof of showing your athletic skills when you were a young skater. And if your adults wanna get into this amazing sport, you can expose the video to them. It will boost their confidence as well as help in understanding the techniques of skating by watching the videos.

And high-quality footage can easily be watched is possible by the best cameras for skateboarding. If you are a beginner or an experienced skateboarder, capture your memorable moments with the top cameras. Because the quality and the features that make the images or videos stunning are possible by the brilliant skating cameras.

Take a look at the more essential safety gear and accessories that perform a vital role in avoiding injuries and making the skateboarding or tours memorable:

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