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Benefits Of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is one of the sports recommended by parents to their kids. As they know the importance of skateboarding and how it can make them super strong in every aspect. The benefits of skateboarding is indeed a broad term and it includes a lot of benefits that skaters can avail.

Here are the 18 unexpected and lucrative skating advantages you get:

1- Enhances Co-ordination

2- Improves Balance skill

3- Improves your multiple Muscles

4- Helps you in losing weight

5- Reduce Depression

6- Enhances Brain Functionality

7- Great for Cardio Workout

8- Improves Gluteus Maximus, Core, Quadriceps, and Calves

9- Provide a lot of Control and Avoid Distraction

10- Gives the Patience

11- Overcome Fears

12- Helps in thinking critically and creating new ideas

13- It keeps you super fit and young too

14- You get Like-Minded friends to learn early and better

15- Used to bearing small injuries

16- Teaches you how to prevent when falling

17- Burns Calories

18- Helps in Snowboarding and Waterboarding

I would say there are more benefits to mention if we go deeper. And discuss all the muscle health that improves while skateboarding. Now, let’s try to cover all of these skateboarding health benefits. This can be the decision taking benchmark. Be sure to read all the guides for clearing all your confusion and concepts.

Is Skateboarding Good Exercise

Health Benefits Of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is the best exercise for everyone whether a fat person or contains weak muscles. It helps you in making your muscles strong and improves the brain’s functioning power. Whether it is the flow of blood to the required places or getting the remembering power.

1- Co-ordination Ability Of Skateboarders

What meaning do you take from the coordination in skateboarding? If you take it as the best bonding with colleague skaters, yes it is. But here the case is a little bit different. Because it creates the coordination power for the body that works when skateboarding.

You get your feet, arms, and leg coordination while riding. As whenever you make up your mind for tricks, the legs come in contact. Even the whole body coordinates when doing ollies. As long as you continue skating, the more coordination power you gain with the passage of time.

2- How To Balance On A Skateboard (How To Improve)

First of all, try to place the skateboard on non-slippery surfaces for checking balance. As the slippery surfaces make you fall when standing on them for the first time. I would suggest going with grass and putting feet on a skateboard. Make sure that your both feet have the proper distribution on the skateboard. Just feel relaxed and don’t put your full weight on your feet.

Now feel how the board looks to you. Is it bearing your weight easily or making any problem? And then it comes to pushing, You place your front foot on the board and back foot on the ground.

3- Improves Multiple Muscles (Physical Benefits Of Skateboarding)

When the skater starts skating, a lot of muscles like the gluteus maximus, lower back muscles, core, calves, quadriceps, and many more.  It has become a thrilling sport and lucrative sport. That not only disappears physical weakness and improves muscle strength. But also makes it entertaining for every level and age of skateboarder.

4- Lose Your Weight

One of the understandable facts is that indeed good news for the fat individuals out there as well. Lose your weight with proper skateboarding techniques with a lot of fun. You can release a lot of calories while skating. Burning 800 calories per hour is possible if you ride the board aggressively.

5- Reduce Your Depression And Provide Escapism

Your all stress and depression gets disappeared when you skateboard, but how this all goes on? When you are skateboarding, your brain releases endorphins. The emancipating of endorphins leads to disappear depression and stress. Because skating keeps you concentrated and doesn’t let you distract.

6- Enhances Brain Functionality

If you are weak at remembering something and your brain doesn’t work properly. Then this is the right time to get into skateboarding. Because it will keep you highly concentrated while skating. As the fear of falling and getting injured doesn’t let you distract. Importantly the fear inside will have vanished when there is regular skateboarding.

Skateboarding helps your blood to flow properly. And it assists you in thinking creatively and something unique.

7-  What Does Skateboarding Workout (Great For Cardio Workout)

Skateboarding is a great gift for those who face difficulty while taking a breath. Such as those who can’t take long breaths or have heart issues. Because it enhances your heart rate and breathtaking power. Also, it makes your lungs very strong.

8- Improves Gluteus Maximus, Core, Quadriceps, And Calves

The Gluteus maximus includes the body part of the hips to the hamstring. In the beginning, skaters face difficulty in terms of getting pain in the body parts that move when skateboarding. To overcome this foot pain, read this helpful guide if you are facing this issue.

The Core is the part of your body that lies between the pelvic floor and the diaphragm. If your core is strong, you can take the moves much better. And thanks to skating because it helps you in making this specific part strong. It actually preserves your spine.

The quadriceps are the other muscles that lie in your thigh. And when you ride the board, the quadriceps start exercising and help in performing ollies or tricks. Skateboarding is a sport that provides strength to the calves and helps in extending the knees.

9- Provide A Lot Of Control And Avoid Distraction

When the individual starts riding, there are two things that every skater needs to work on. The first one is getting enough amount of control while riding and avoiding distractions as well. The 7 or 8 inches wide skateboard helps you pay full attention to skating. What this does do? it stops and overcomes the stresses and depression that you were getting while sitting at home.

And the control that skateboarding provides by standing on smaller widths and riding at enough speed. Leads you to ride anything smaller or bigger with full confidence and balanced.

10- Teaches The Patience

You might be thinking about what kind of patience skateboarding teaches us. Let me explain, it takes enough time to only get good at the basics of skateboarding. For now, the advanced skating keep aside.

You will get to learn patience before reaching the tricks. And the tricks take a lot of time, depending on how much time you give per day or week. The picking abilities also matter a lot in reducing or increasing the time.

11- Overcome Fear

Another precious gift that skateboarding presents you is the disappearance of fear. The question comes to mind what kind of fear the skateboarding finishes? As there is nothing that is dangerous when we casually cruise around the town. Get your answer, whatever the skateboarding style is, the chances of getting injured will always be there.

The pebbles on road can be the reason for falling. Unbalancing while riding can cause injuries. But there are fewer chances of cruising when you are fully concentrated. The percentage of falling goes up when it comes to performing tricks and riding on the road at full speed. Ultimately the fear inside gets terminated after a few tries on dangerous surfaces.

12- Generate Critical Thinking And Creative New Ideas (Mental Benefits Of skating)

Critical thinking and creative ideas come when you skateboard. Yes, you get outstanding ideas and it depends on what kind of ideas you want in your mind while skateboarding. I have got a lot of amazing business and skating ideas while skateboarding.

 Wherever I am today, it’s all because of skateboarding. Creative thinking teaches so many non-skates and takes them to their destination. So, this all comes from skateboarding. If you are stuck thinking creatively. Join the skateboarding and generate some amazing and lucrative ideas.

13- Does Skating Keeps You Fit And Young

Yes, skating keeps you fit and young as long as you skate. Because it works the same as workout machines in the gym. You just need to ride in the right direction with the right technique. Because the wrong method can begin pain in the body. And the term you would have heard is that the fit person always remains young.

14- Make Like-Minded Freinds And Learn Earlier (Social Benefits of skateboarding)

A true friend can make you eligible to touch the sky. And I have made a lot of friends in my 2 decades of skating career. Some of them are included in my skateboarding team that teaches kids how to skateboard. Or passionate riders to be something in the future. Also, how you can get a quality and suitable skateboard that lasts for years? And gives you an epic experience that has never gotten before.

You know what, practicing in a group of skaters makes it too early to get good at skateboarding. But this is secondary, your time and dedication are very important.

15- Used To Bearing Small Injuries

In my earlier days, little injuries were looked as dangerous like I have got bigger problems. But with the passage of time and getting some experience. I got used to smaller injuries and I never went to the doctor once I realized. But I encourage you to go to the hospital if you get injured. So, with the passage of time, you will also be used to it.

16- Teaches You How To Prevent When Falling

Another important lesson that skateboarding teaches you is protecting yourself when falling. Falling can be happened because of any disturbance. But your presence of mind can save you from threatening wounds.

This all comes when you gain some experience in this field. But the observative and creative mind can get the job done. Whether it is a beginner mind or an experienced mind.

17- Does Skateboarding Burn Calories

Yes, skateboarding burns calories. And the burning calories amount depends on how aggressively you ride. If you show some aggressiveness, you are going to lose nearly 800 calories an hour. And the nonaggressive riders are able to burn 400 calories per hour.

18- Helps In Snowboarding And Waterboarding

There is no surprise that you are also making your basics in snowboarding and waterboarding strong while learning skateboarding. Is this shocking or not? Of course not. Because there are some similarities that these skating types contain and their riders take the benefits. The stance and the way riders perform tricks are the same in all the mentioned kinds of skating.

Is Skateboarding  A Good Workout?

Yes, skateboarding is a good workout for all levels and ages of skaters. Taking skateboarding for exercise is the best decision. It doesn’t only entertain you but makes you as fit as the bodybuilders. Because the skateboarder’s body can build abs, and provide your muscles with a lot of strength. In short, there are a lot of exercises for skateboarders. As you get rewarded physically, mentally, and healthy as well.


The benefits of skateboarding will never end if we keep discussing it the whole night. Just imagine, I have covered the 18 points that hint at the skateboarding benefits. And when you will start riding, you will get countless and infinite skateboard uses and benefits. Start riding, if you contain a lot of weight, are mentally depressed, physically weak. Or you want to grow socially.

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