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Are Skate Shoes Good For Walking (Depends On Shoe Type)

I have used a lot of skate shoes in my skating career and every pair has given me a different feel and touch. There are multiple specific shoe counts when it comes to skateboarding. I have never found any problem while riding the skateboard. Even when you get failed while performing the hardest tricks, felt the comfort of skating shoes. Now there is a condition for those who don’t want to consider another pair of shoes when already have for skateboarding.  And want to walk or run for exercising with skate shoes.

The question jumps up in their mind are skate shoes good for walking? The answer is yes, skate shoes are good for walking. But there are some factors that you need to clear first. Do you want them for shorter walks or longer walks? If the purpose is to cover shorter distances while walking, you can use any type of skate shoes. But for longer walks, get the CUPSOLE shoes. Because I had an amazing experience with their shoes.

It’s essential to know deep detail to clear the concepts from all aspects. Make sure to read all the guides, it will be beneficial in choosing the right shoes. That helps and provides comfort while skating as well as walking and running.

Can You Wear Skate Shoes Casually?

Can you wear skate shoes casually

Yes, skate shoes can be worn casually. Even you can wear them the whole day without their damage. But I will suggest doing some research before buying skate shoes. If you want to use them for walking and running too. Note some points and if you find these features in any pair, get them without any hesitation.

  • Heel support
  • Arch support
  • Grippy soles

You can find all these and many more features in Cupsole shoes. These provide you with all types of support including heel and arch support. Importantly, it doesn’t let your feet feel like walking on the land. Because their soles are super thicker and more comfortable.

You can wear these types of shoes for other sports as well. Such as mountain biking, can go anywhere while wearing Cupsole shoes. One drawback you should know about Cupsole shoes is their expense.

You get a little bit more costly shoes here than the other well-known brands. Cupsole shoes have greater durability and can go as long as you want. But using blindly and walking on dangerous surfaces can decrease its life.

And what if you choose the particularly designed skate shoes for walking? You will see the sole of that shoe would be thinner as compared to Cupsole shoes. As a result, your ankles and feet will start feeling pain after some walking. Because your feet don’t get the proper traction or protection while walking.

What Benefits You get when Wearing Skate Shoes For Walking

There are multiple benefits that a skater and non-skater can avail of. It’s a better idea for those who don’t know about skateboarding and losing their money over low-quality normal shoes. Get skate shoes that provide full protection to your feet.

Here are the benefits you get when wearing skate shoes for walking:

  • Comforts
  • Grippy soles
  • Durability
  • Heel support
  • Arch support
  • Affordable(Some are expensive like Cupsole)

You can’t get these benefits and features usually in normal skate shoes. Cushioning padded tongue soles makes you feel as better as you are walking on a comfortable mattress in terms of relief.

Most Comfortable Skate Shoes For Walking

Skating shoes for walking

First of all, if you don’t know about the specific brands that provide versatile shoes. Whether you wanna use them for walking, running, or any other sport. Then follow the points and features discussed above and make a purchase.

You can’t get any skate shoes blindly for walking. Because there are some skate shoes that have got thinner soles. And that becomes the reason for getting ankles and feet pain.

Let’s talk about the brands and their shoes that help every surface to absorb and give comfort to feet. Here are the comfortable shoes for bad feet and knees as well.

Nike SB Nyjah shoes

Get one-time Nike SB shoes and enjoy the rest of your life with a lot of comforts. Its traction patterns and upper fabric suit every type of wear or outfit. And it doesn’t create any problems or disturbances. So, you can go with super comfortable pair of shoes with any outfit.

 Not only it gives the grip at a specific angle, but you will also feel gripped feet at 360 degrees. Sturdy shoes gonna last for years. If you can avoid the irritating sound, Nike SB is the best skating shoe for walking.

DC Men’s Pure Casual Skate Shoe

This pair also has got padded cushioning with a synthetic sole. It protects the walker’s or skater’s feet and provides full arch and heel support. And the material used for the upper part doesn’t let it damage even if you have been using it for so long. If you have given attention to athletes, you would have seen them wearing shoes with little holes.

And this pair of shoes have come up with the same feature to let your feet breathe. Also, the thumb of the foot remains protected. Whenever I purchase their shoes, I found an inch bigger than I mentioned the size while ordering. So, be aware or have a chat with us for a better and more suitable size. After using their shoes, you will also be able to answer the question of whether are dc shoes good and comfortable.

Are Skate Shoes Bad For Your Feet

No, skate shoes are not bad at all for the feet until you have chosen the right one. Because there are some skate shoes that contain thinner soles. And it hurts when you walk because of touching your feet to the surface, On the other hand, Cupsole Nike SB and DC casual skate shoes help in every condition and provide unbelievable support with durability.

Are Skate Shoes Bad For Your Feet

But try to avoid using Vans classic skate shoes or Vulcanized skate shoes. Because these don’t provide your feet the support that every skater wants to have. It would be a lot better to go with cup sole skate shoes.

Do Vans Have Arch Support

No, Vans don’t have arch support and don’t let the rider or walker feel comfortable. Because their old van schools shoes have flat soles. Yet it is beneficial for those who contain flat feet. But the Vans Comfycush skate shoes have better arch support. You can choose comfy cush shoes rather than getting old-school van shoes.


Yes, the skate shoes are slip resistant because of their outer material. The outer part is made with rubber and it creates slip resistance. But other materials are less resistant.

Running while wearing skate shoes can get wear and tear rapidly. Because the construction of skate shoes has been idealized for skating and for lifting. But you can’t use skate shoes for running.

Cupsole skate shoes are the most comfortable shoes. And you can walk or can use them for any other sport with cup sole skate shoes. These provide amazing support to skateboarders’ feet.

Yes, skate shoes can be used for walking and sometimes running. But running depends on the quality and the construction of shoes. But walking can be superbly done on the Cupsole shoes.


Are skate shoes good for walking? you can wear skate shoes for walking but some shoes will be comfortable inside but some of them won’t be. To get shoes that help you in skating and walking, follow the points and features.

Make sure that the shoes you have keep the features of arch support, heel support, and grippy soles for a better experience. Importantly, there will always be durability when you get these types of shoes because of the quality material.

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