About Us


Hello and Welcome!

James Lester (1st Author)

James Lester here, 30 years old young entrepreneur, skating enthusiast, and skating teacher. I have also been writing everything about skateboarding by utilizing my experience throughout my skateboarding career. We are a team of business owners that helps every human or passionate skater to help them in consider the best one according to their skating or riding level.

William Ross (2nd Author)

Hi, I’m William Ross. A pleasure to join this amazing skateboarding platform as an Author. Educating beginners and experienced skaters with my best and most helpful information is my passion. And it has been going on since 2015.

Now it’s time to assist all levels and ages of skaters in solving every kind of skateboarding problem on this platform. Stay with us and make your skateboarding wish fulfilled easily.

Our Business And Experience

We are running our skateboarding business at a higher level and running an institute as well. We have trained many kids and young passionate skaters to stand on their own feet and make their desires fulfilled by winning skating competitions. It’s been 10 years into skating and changing people’s lives by purchasing them the quality and suitable boards that suit their age, skating style, size, and weight.

And we have brought all the skating styles skateboards, longboards, and cruising skateboards with different sizes and different board abilities to choose the suitable one accordingly.

Why We Are Making This Website

The purpose of making this website is only to help those who don’t know how to choose the suitable one as the quality will always be there. Because choosing the right size and suitable board for their styles is difficult. And beginners mostly do these mistakes by buying the wrong skateboard.

If someone wanna a board for learning, will find it on our website. And if someone wants to do movements and tricks, wants to cruise for short distances and longboard for long distances will get the best one on our website.

And you are not only getting a perfect quality and suitable board but also how you can repair it if it gets broken or parts get damaged. Importantly the safety gears are also mentioned as their use to protect the kids and the young skaters.