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10 Best Cruiser Skateboards For Every Level Of Riding 2023

Whatever your skating level and skating surface are, doesn’t matter. Because you’ve found the place to get your required one of our experimented best cruising skateboards. Before going down to the top cruising boards list, I’ll recommend that beginners start their skating career with the cruising skateboard. Because these cruisers’ skateboards have usually surfy trucks with larger and softer wheels.

 Also, that makes a great combination for the starters to have a smooth ride. And provide more stability than traditional skateboards and these boards can also easily be carried around. While doing tricks on a cruising Skateboard would be difficult as getting the board off the ground has always been hard. Because the wheels are heavier and adhesive. And cruising is a mixture of skateboards and longboards.

Before getting into the specific style of skating, we rode a lot of standard skateboards. And taught so many beginners and kids how to ride and do tricks and all the stuff about skateboarding. After spending our days and nights testing a lot of cruising skateboards, we’ve reached the conclusion that these boards are perfect for beginners to learn. And the cruising skateboards are used for short distances and are not particularly designed for tricks too. I hope the given information will assist you in picking the best cruising board as per your requirements.

Top 3 Cruiser Skateboards

Retrospec quip cruiser

Retrospec Quip Cruiser

  • A dreamy and high-quality injection-molded durable plastic-made cruiser board
  • It makes it easy for the riders to control while cruising for the beginners and pro riders
  • Extremist smoothy gliding PU wheels increase durability and suck up all the bumps and cracks to give a comfortable ride
  • Another feature is a small kick-tail with a molded waffle pattern to make your turns easier
  • You’ll get different stylish boards of different sizes as well
  • All the components are made of high quality for giving a memorable cruising experience
Sanview bambbo

Sanview Bamboo Cruiser

  • A combo of bamboo and maple wood makes a deck ideal for every style
  • You’ve got the kick-tail design with 7″ aluminum alloy trucks for better control while carving and performing basic tricks
  • Very lightweight construction and provides you better cruising experience
  • High speedy ABEC 9 bearings and durable wheels make it a complete package for the cruising passionate to get and enjoy this board
  • It can bear 220lbs and comes assembled
Globe big blazer

Globe Big Blazer Cruiser

  • 7 plies resin hard rock maple made deck can go as long as you wanna have it with stability
  • The beginners and pro riders can also take the advantage of Mello Concave and Kicktail
  • Excellent grippy high rebound wheels that roll smooth
  • The ABEC 7 bearings help in faster speed and spin longer
  • The board looks aesthetic as they have used pearlescent inlays on the top of the cruiser board worthy cruiser skateboard for this bucks
  • A worthy cruiser skateboard for this bucks

Best Cruiser Skateboards (Top Rated)

One of the best beginnings for the skateboarder should be the cruiser board. Yes, it might be confusing for all of you as it generates higher speed than standard skateboards. Because the best bearings are used for high ratings with higher wheels as well. But at the same time, it doesn’t let your feet tired or put much effort to cruise. So it avoids the skater’s foot pain that most beginners suffer.

You get more stability while riding the cruiser board than any other type of skateboard. To avoid letting down your confidence, start your journey today by getting a suitable size and quality beginner cruiser.

We have tried our best to make your research easier by turning our 100+ cruiser skateboards into the 10 best skateboards for cruising. And on the basis of quality and performance for cruising, the list goes down to the top 3 skateboard cruisers. You can get an amazing cruising experience by riding these boards.

Image Product Details   Price
RETROSPEC-QUIP-SKATEBOARD-2 Retrospec Quip Cruiser Skateboard

Quality: Best cruising skateboard for everyone
 Color: Different styles and colors are provided to select a favorite one
Benefits: Premium quality injection-molded durable plastic constructed skateboard, Bumps sucker wheels, Turning becomes easier because of small kick-tail with a molded waffle pattern, required speed provider
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Sanview-bamboo-cruiser Sanview Bamboo Cruiser

Quality: Best for getting high speed with protection
 Color: Multiple sizes and colors are offered
Benefits: Can be lasted for years because of constructed material, higher flexibility, too much speed with ABEC 9 bearings and smooth wheels, basic tricks can be performed as well, perfect for any level of rider
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globe-big-blazer-cruiser-2 Globe Big Blazer Cruiser

Quality: best cruiser skateboards for adults
 Color: Multiple colors to choose
Benefits: Mellow concave and kicktail ensure the riders have safe riding, strong stability hard rock maple deck, ABEC 7 to give faster speed with smooth riding by the smoothy wheels, pearlescent inlays that give aesthetic looks to the board
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Kryptonics super fat cruiser Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser

Quality: Best Kryptonics cruiser skateboard for everyone (especially big and heavy riders)
 Color: Different styles options are given
Benefits: Amazing weight-bearing capability and higher strength material deck, to easy and safe breaking, kicktail design is created, another speedy board with huge width of 9.75″
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Quality: Best cruiser for beginners
 Color: A couple of styles are mentioned
Benefits: Trucks are made to provide the best turning and carving experience, 6 mm riser pads are used to avoid wheel bite, kicktail design for better cruising, again super duper cruiser skateboard with heavy speed, the nonslippery grip tape is equipped
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gonex-22-inches-cruiser Gonex 22 Inches Cruiser

Quality: 27-inch cruiser board
 Color: Multiple patterns and sizes are given
Benefits: Kids-oriented made skateboard( in terms of size ), wear-resistant wheels and speedy bearings, lightweight and durable
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Quality: Complete skateboard cruiser
 Color: Several color options are there to select your own choice of
Benefits: Higher flexibility and strength, Speedy wheels and bearings, best for rough surfaces, perfect length and quality cruiser board for everyone
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Quality: 31-inch strong cruiser skateboard
 Color: Tony hawk has also provided multiple good-looking colors
Benefits: Mild concave design is made for beginners and pros, sturdy and flexible board, waterproof transfer printing pattern

Drawback: Not good for high speed
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Quality: good cruiser skateboards
 Color: A couple of colors are available
Benefits: Fishtail design, bendable material made cruiser board, free T-tool comes along with skateboard, perfect size for kids, kicktail, design is 30 degree
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Quality: Cheap cruiser skateboards of good quality
 Color: There is only one color available
Benefits: Peak strength and flexibility of this board, best for getting higher speed, riser pads are equipped to increase deck and wheels life, best for cruising on streets parks, pump tracks, and mining ramps, reverse kingpin trucks are used
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1- Retrospec Quip Cruiser Skateboard


  • This deck is made of sturdy and highly injection-molded plastic which is suitable for cruising but not for tricks.
  • Very lightweight build board that you can take it anywhere and can bear 220 lbs.
  • Molded waffle pattern creates ease for quick turning.
  • Polyurethane wheels and the ABEC 7 bearings are made to provide smooth riding and increase durability.
  • Different sizes are provided from 22.5″ in length and 6″ wide to 41″ long and 9.5″ wide.

Retrospec is one of the high in demand and the most trusted brand to select the best cruising board for having a memorable experience. Some years ago, we didn’t trust plastic material-made boards. Because they were broken while doing some stunts. But now changes have been made and plastic is now competing with wood.

And manufacturers are using high-quality plastic material that not only makes it strong and durable but lightweight as well to take it to your favorite destination. if you are looking for a flexible high strong molded plastic board, it’s a brilliant cruiser skateboard to examine.

Retrospec quip remains same after 3 months of riding

if you are gonna have the cruising board, I will suggest going with this combination of lightweight polyurethane wheels. And the equipped high-speed and long-lasting Abec 7 bearings. That provides the ultimate kind of smooth and fast ride.

To get maneuverability and balance, quality 5″ trucks have been designed. And it supports up to the weight of 220 lbs. I wanted to have the board for cruising but only at the beach with my walking dog and really it rode very smoothly. I rode it on the cracks as well and it didn’t disappoint me.

Well, they don’t have only plastic material boards but also Canadian maple. And a mixture of bamboo and Canadian maple constructed skateboards with different lengths and widths too. Provided in the mid of the page there to facilitate every age rider to test their quality and get a better experience. Different varieties of colors are offered there to get a choice of your favorite color.



  • High strong molded plastic deck                                             
  • Soft wheels with high-speed bearings
  • Multiple sizes and colors are available
  • Max load capacity 220 lbs
  • A perfect combination of wheels and bearings
  • It took a lot of time to remove the plastic wrap from the bearings

2- Sanview Bamboo Cruiser Board


  • A deck made of 6-ply rock maple and 1-ply bamboo makes it more flexible, durable, and easy to carry.
  • Fast and smooth-riding wheels and ABEC 9 bearings.
  • The board has a kick-tail design for doing some tricks as well
  • They have offered you multiple-size boards made of different materials.
  • It can bear 220 lbs and any age rider can ride while keeping in mind the size.

Some months ago, I was looking for a mixture of maple wood and Bamboo board. And I purchase multiple boards with the same construction and then tested them with my team. After testing, I got this quite beneficial because the deck is made of pure 6 piles of wood and 1 ply bamboo.

That makes the deck more sturdy and flexible. An ideal skateboard with a length of 34 inches and a weight of 9 inches provides enough space. It helps to place their feet easily on the board to enjoy a comfortable ride.

Wheels are made of polyurethane that has high rebound capacity and acts as a shock absorber. These wheels are indestructible and durable. And they have got the ability to withstand the weather condition to make every rider comfortable in any condition. To make the ride fast and smooth, ABEC 9 bearings are used. This is another perfect combination of wheels and bearings to have the best riding experience.

Another admirable fact about this skateboard is that anti-bite Technology has been used to avoid wheel bite. Hence, it will help the skateboard to remain longer. By getting this board, cruising wouldn’t be less than fun. It’s recommended for kids 5 or above 5 years old.



  • 6 piles of maple wood and 1 ply bamboo constructed deck
  • A Perfect Combination of wheels and bearings for smooth and fast riding
  • Anti bite Technology used to prevent wheel bite
  • Material is safe even in the rain
  • Super strong with huge life
  • None

3- Globe Big Blazer Cruiser


  • This board is giving you a 7 plies hard rock maple deck to make it sturdy and can able to bear your maximum weight.
  • The deck is designed with mellow concave with the kick tail to provide you support for controlling your board while doing some flip tricks.
  • Wheels and the ABEC 7 bearings are the perfect combinations for the cruising style of riding.
  • It has offered you a huge range of widths of 9″ to place your feet openly and a length of 32″ and the wheelbase is 17.75.
  • They are offering different styles with different colors.

Globe has been the largest skateboard and longboard manufacturing company in the market. But has got more popularity in cruising boards as these boards have taken much appreciation from buyers. The deck is made of high-quality 7 piles of hard rock maple that makes the deck firm. And compiled to remain longer than normal 7 plies of maple.

The deck width is the best for beginners to have a lot of room. Only to find their stance and for those who have large shoe sizes. An attractive thing that I have realized, they have their own unique deck design. Which describes them as a look-wise better board than other companies’ skateboards.

62mm 83A wheels are designed for this board to make it possible while riding on rough surfaces as well. These are the larger wheels and are perfect for cruising. And these wheels are applicable for downhill riding and free riding too.

Another key factor in the successful performance of the board is the ABEC 7 bearing which performs brilliantly in terms of speed and remains longer. The board is the perfect example of giving a smooth and comfortable ride with better grip and control. Never face difficulty while riding this deck as I have ridden this on every type of road.

They are providing several colors to pick your favorite one. One of the perfect and recommended cursing skateboards for everyone to ride on. And it rides like a dream for anyone but especially beginners will learn fastly on this board. And they’ll feel easy, comfortable, and controlled while writing this board.



  • The deck is sturdy with a unique style and design
  • Long-lasting and well-performing ABEC7 bearing
  • 83A wheels are eligible for rough surfaces as well
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Haven’t found any flaw

4- Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser

Kryptonics super fat cruiser


  • The deck is made of 8 durable and strong layers of laminated wood that make it able to bear as much weight as possible and can go so long.
  • To provide you with full control and easy braking while skating, a single kicktail design has been made.
  • A super-duper wide board is offering a width of 9.75″ and a length of 30.5″.
  • To get a smooth and comfortable ride, polyurethane wheels and carbon steel bearings are provided.
  • You will get different style options to get your favorite style

Using their cruiser skateboard deck has been an amazing experience because of its unique quality. Kryptonics was one of the first companies in skating to accept polyurethane wheels. And these wheels have abrasion resistance for skateboarding.

Also, provide strong shock absorption with superb flexibility. These boards have a higher weight limit than standard skateboards. Also got the ability to bear 220 lbs and that makes it easy for every age rider.

The board has a wide deck with a concave and curved back single kick-tail that provides you excellent control, stability, and easy braking while cruising. Well, it’s a little bit heavier cruiser board. So, it would be difficult for those who want to perform tricks with cruising.

The cruiser board seems solid and the wheels ride smoothly. Also, the high-quality trucks ensure you long-lasting trucks. But you’ll need to change the bearings and the bushings after riding it for 6 months. I purely got it for the beginners and the intermediates after experiencing it by ourselves.

Kryptonics cruiser before and after



  • High flexibility and stability
  • Attractive graphics
  • Qualitative wheels for shock absorption
  • Good concave and single kicktail
  • Shock absorption wheels
  • A little bit heavier board

5- FLYBAR Skating Cruiser Skateboard

FLYBAR Skating Cruiser Skateboard


  • Lightweight and durable 7 plies Canadian maple constructed skateboard.
  • It has favored beginners by providing a kick-tail with maple concave for a better and safe ride.
  • Long-lasting 4″ aluminum trucks are equipped for smooth turns and pivots.
  • ABEC 9 bearings and 78A PU wheels provide fast speed with controlled riding.
  • 80S black printed Grip Tape for the non-slippery ride.

Another experienced brand that has been manufacturing products since the 1920s. And still has its own name in the market. Being a senior skateboarder and a user of this brand, I always prefer experienced brands to purchase. Or those brands that are getting positive responses from buyers.

And this cruising skateboard is the squeezing of their experiences. This deck is made of 7 piles of maple wood which makes it durable and lightweight. It’s easy for the riders to carry it around and can take it to any place.

The 60 mm thick and 78A durometer wheels are soft. And provide excellent control along with a smooth riding experience. These are also known as filmer wheels. Because they roll very smoothly and run brightly on rough surfaces.

The ABEC 9 bearings enhance the speed of the cursing skateboard. Also, just have a look at the shape of the deck. Which is concave with a kicktail to make it much better for cruising and curving.

The trucks are made of aluminum which makes them durable. And the corrosion resistance prevents the electrochemical reaction. The 6mm riser pads on these trucks keep the distance between the deck and the wheels from the wheel bite. To have the best cruising board, skating will be improved and learning will become easy for beginners. As it’s a perfect board for cruising around the town.



  • The deck is durable and lightweight
  • Concave shape for better cruising and carving
  • Corrosions-resistant aluminum trucks
  • Smooth riding wheels and bearings
  • Perfect cruising board
  • None

6- Gonex 22 Inches Cruiser

Gonex 22 Inches Cruiser


  • A perfect cruiser board made of high-quality wear resistance, durable, and lightweight polypropylene.
  • Shock absorption 60mm PU cast wheels with excellent speedy ABEC 7 bearings.
  • The durable and strong aluminum alloy trucks.
  • Comes in different sizes and patterns to pick your favorite one
  • Younger kids can take advantage of this board

If you don’t have some extra bucks to spend and looking for the best cruising board, then GONEX is the way you wanna go. The deck is super portable and can fit anywhere. As you can take it to school or college and can enjoy riding as well.

Multiple colors are offered by them to select the board of their own choice and interest. But the deck is non-wood made that help to prevent cracks from common pests and to make sure it has durability and can go for a long.

The 60mm wear-resistant polyurethane-casted wheels made my skating slippery-free and smooth when I rode this. The precise ABEC7 bearings provided me with a fast and frictionless ride. These wheels and bearings are a perfect combination for cruising skateboard.

The set of trucks is made of rigid aluminum alloy material. It makes them lightweight and creates toughness at the same time to provide smooth riding. Aluminum is the most preferred material for skateboard trucks.

As I said earlier it’s potable because it is 3.6 lbs and has the ability to support 198 lbs with providing shock absorption. The board will be arrived assembled, need to open the box, and be ready to ride. A perfect cruising board for beginners to learn on. The only flaw is not suitable for the bigger guys because it would be difficult for them to find a lot of room to place their feet.



  • Lightweight and portable skateboard
  • Ability to hear 198 lbs.
  • The Perfect Combination of wheels and trucks
  • Available in multiple colors
  • A quality board at a reasonable price
  • Size is not enough for bigger guys

7- RIDGE Big Brother Large Cruiser

Ridge Big blazer


  • Another Polypropylene manufactured cruiser board comes with super flex and strength.
  • You have a different color board with a size of 27″ in length and 7.87″ in width.
  • Softer wheels and ABEC 7 bearings are used for a much better cruising experience.
  • Perfect board for beginners with quality components.

A plastic made and a good-sized board for the rider to make their riding day memorable. 78A soft polyurethane shock adsorption wheels are designed to ensure smooth riding. These wheels run much better on rough surfaces and are considered ideal for cruising.

When it comes to bearing, ABEC 7 would be considered because this combination brings more ease, run fast, and provides very safe and harmless riding. This is a perfect size cruising board for everyone exclusively those just gonna start their skateboarding career. As it is considered the best length and width bored for cruising.

The board is lightweight and easy to carry around the campus. You can enjoy a race with friends in school or college. Before I got the board, I wasn’t a big fan of the ridge because I didn’t hear good about their quality. But when I skated their cruising board, I haven’t found a single flaw after skating it for a month. And there was a good room on the board to get my feet balanced.

Overall, all the components are made of good quality that satisfies the rider. And available in different colors for choosing your desired color cruiser. To get the quality one, you don’t always need to spend high bucks, sometimes you just need to research and get the quality board at this budget.



  • Durable plastic-made deck
  • Shock absorption for polyurethane wheels
  • Smooth ABEC7 bearings
  • Available in different colors
  • A little bit squeaky when turning

8- TONY HAWK 31″ Complete Cruiser

TONY HAWK 31" Complete Cruiser


  • 9 plies maple wood-made deck provides you greater flex and stability.
  • It has a mild concave design for beginners and pro riders for control riding.
  • There are different sizes and colors available.
  • 95A wheels and ABEC 3 bearings are equipped with 5″ tough magnesium alloy trucks.
  • Don’t need to assemble it.

Are you looking for the best cruising skateboard that assists you in cruising, carving, downhill riding, and many more? Whatever style you are gonna choose, it’ll allow you to do with amazing control and stability. You can take it anywhere as the construction of this deck is lightweight yet strong and can bear 175 lbs. The 9 layers of Canadian maple wood deck has got the ability to withstand harsh impacts.

To give shock absorption with a balanced and smooth riding experience, PU high-speedy 95A wheels have been used. And the ABEC-3 bearings are used that perform well for skateboarders. But if you want to get high speed while putting in less effort, you’ll have to buy ABEC 5 or ABEC 7 bearings. The high rebound polyurethane bushings allow your skateboard to turn smoothly.

There will be no slippery riding as the non-slippery best grip tape is equipped. And the waterproof transfer printing pattern will keep this board shiny for a long time. Well, I have seen throughout my career that skateboarders take assembling a hassle. So, be ready once the order gets placed because when the order will be received, you’re good to go.



  • 9-ply sturdy and durable strong Canadian maple deck         
  • Torsion bars PU wheels and ABEC 3 bearings
  • The waterproof transfer printing pattern
  • Safe and harmless grip tape
  • No assembly required
  • Affordable
  • Bearings are not for high-speed riders

9- BELEEVE Cruiser Board For Kids



  • A bendable and brawny polypropylene cruiser skateboard is made for providing stable and safe riding.
  • It has offered you a special feature of fish-tail.
  • Only size with length and width of 22″ and 6″ is available.
  • The kick-tail design is 30 degrees.
  • high-quality components.
  • It supports the rider’s weight up to 220lbs

A strapping cruiser skateboard offers you the attribute of a stepping surface and that makes it unique. It has been a great board for the kids as far as we’ve experienced it. The polypropylene deck has got a fishtail texture on top and its 30-degree kick-tail design provides the kids with a safe and smooth ride.

And this kick-tail design will help the riders in fast turns, brakes, and slides as well. And there is no problem with the board size as it’s neither too long nor too short. The 6″ deck is a perfect size for young kids to start learning. Its strong construction and thick aluminum trucks bear a maximum weight of up to 220 lbs.

PU wheels and ABEC-7 bearings are treated only to provide you with better speed with controlled and effortless riding. But it can be ratified dangerous for the beginner by enhancing the speed. Don’t forget to wear your kid’s safety gear as your toddlers will be protected by those accessories. Plus, you will be rewarded T-tool along with the skateboard for tightening or losing the board’s components.



  • A polypropylene deck with a fish-tail feature                              
  • T-tool comes along with a cruiser skateboard
  • Kick-tail design for safe riding
  • Perfect size and board for the kids
  • Comes in different captivating colors
  • You may need to adjust the trucks

10- The Super 36″ Aqua Remix Blue Cruiser

super 36" blue


  • A perfect cruiser board with the perfect construction of 7 plies of hardwood and bendable bamboo.
  • This combination provides memorable riding.
  • Another perfect combination of wheels and bearings performs a major role in cruising on street parks, pump tracks, and mining ramps as well.
  • Reverse kingpin trucks are used.
  • There is a size of 36″ in length and 8.5″ in width for easily placing your feet.

A unique quality that every skater wants in his skateboard is that the deck should be made with a mixture of bamboo and maple wood. Because that material makes the board an ideal cruiser skateboard for every rider to skate on. The bamboo and maple constructed boards witnessed us.

That it has the durability, flexibility, and strength to bear the weight of a heavy skater. it has featured a little bit of concave to maintain your balance while performing ollie If you want to. But not ideal for tricks and can only be used for cruising.

Super smooth and super fast polyurethane wheels and ABEC 7 bearings are designed to make the board run fast and soft when racing with friends. The lightweight and long-lasting aluminum material 6″ trucks have been used to give us a much better riding experience. To protect the board from shock, riser pads are used. And it also enhances the distance between the wheel and the deck to avoid wheel bites.

When you are cruising at high speed and suddenly you take a curve. A non-slip quality grip tape is applied to protect our feet from slipping while taking immediate curves. If you are looking for a fancy-style cruising board, the quest is the step to take.

They have multiple boards with different materials and different sizes to leave on our choices. So if you are a beginner or seasoned rider. You are good to go with eye-catchy ocean blue color on streets, parks, and mini ramps.



  • Hardwood Bamboo and maple material board                        
  • Super fast wheels and bearings
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum trucks
  • Riser pads to avoid wheel bite
  • Multiple sizes with different material
  •  There are two or three more products to review
  • only color is available

Buying Guide For Best Cruiser Skateboards

Cruiser Skateboards

 Are you curious about knowing the difference between cruising skateboards, traditional skateboards, and longboards? Cruising is one of the highly liked and preferable styles of riding for beginners to learn easily or to use for commuting. However, there are some cruiser boards in the market with a slighter concave shape to do ollies and some basic tricks. Standard skateboards are known for their all-rounder performance. And are considered to be the best for performing all kinds of tricks.

And these are easier to control because of their smaller wheel size. Longboards run very fast because of the wheels and the constructed material. Also, these are actually known for downhill racing and for traveling long distances.

Before taking an action, you need to check the constructed material of all the components to analyze the quality of the cruising skateboard.


Buying Guide For Best Cruiser Skateboards

A deck is the flat top surface where the riders stand and it performs a major role in your riding. To bear the weight of the rider, it should be made of high-strength and sturdy material. You can also call it aboard which has a construction of 6 to 9 layers of maple wood.

An important factor that the deck should have, is a nonslip surface. Because while cruising fast, a terrible accident can happen while taking curves. To make the board surface anti-slip, one needs to consider its material. Maple wood is the most durable, sturdy, and lightweight material. 

To make the deck more durable and strong, bamboo or fiberglass layers are added which makes it ideal to ride on. And this material deck creates ease while carrying around the city. There are also some flexible and high-strength plastic material decks that are durable and strong enough to consider. Another compulsory factor you should be thinking about to obtain a comfortable ride is the width of the deck. For getting enough place for your feet and it should be from 6″ to 9″


Skateboard Trucks are mounted on the lower side of the deck and hold the wheels and bearings of the board. It’s very important that the trucks should also be made of high-quality material. Because they help in withstanding the weight of the rider.

You must be thinking that how we can have both high weight bearable and lightweight as well. The answer is aluminum alloy which is very famous and the most used material for trucks to provide a stable and comfortable ride.


As we all know without wheels any type of riding is impossible. So, the wheels are actually the reason for our riding on the skateboard and tell us at how much speed we can run. When it comes to cruising, the wheels should be soft and grippy to give you smooth riding.

And the hardness of the wheels ranges from 78A to 89A and the diameter ranges from 55mm to 64mm. The most widely used material for wheels is polyurethane because that has got the ability to withstand high friction and shock absorption.


Skateboard bearings are steel materials constructed that allow the wheels to roll. And the quality of the bearing’s material tells us whether it will roll smoothly or not. By getting high-quality bearings, automatically efficiency of the wheels will be good. And your riding will get smooth on rough surfaces as well.

To make the efficiency better, the ABEC rating should be higher. Because the higher rating will have sturdier and smoother bearings. It should be above 4 to optimize the performance of the wheels.


Bushings are the two rubbery rings fitted around the kingpin on the skateboard truck. These are mostly made of polyurethane material which makes them quality bushings. The bushings help the board to turn and the higher the quality of the bushings, the trucks will turn very smoothly. Further, the conical shape is the best-suited shape for the cruising style.


As we all know safety is the first step that we should consider before any physical activity. So, the anti-slip grip tape is the sandpaper that is glued on the top surface of the best skateboard deck to make our feets safe while cruising. One more thing you need to keep in mind while thinking about grip tape. It shouldn’t be air bubbles or tears on a grip tape to get an anti-slip ride.

Cruiser Skateboard Size Guide

Cruiser Skateboard Size Guide

Simply, choosing the right size cruising skateboard depends on the height and shoe size of the rider. So if you have a shoe size of 10 us, you are going to have a deck width of 8.5″ or higher.


The cruiser boards are best for beginners because these don’t consume your extra effort while pushing. Also, you get the best stability when riding cruiser boards. Even carrying them isn’t a big deal.

Both are different and offer different styles as well. The standard skateboards are known for street and technical skating. While a cruiser is best for commuting or shorter distances.

Wrapping Up

Reading the guide and analyzing the right size and best cruiser skateboards for your feet and height is essential. Because you won’t be able to get the comfort and the desired ride. If you have an inappropriate size board, it will create difficulty in placing your feet in the right direction. First, you have to read the guide when you make up a kind for any one of the skateboards.

All of the skateboards are tested by the kids as well as young skateboarders and experienced skaters. It’s because of how the board behaves when a kid rides, an inexperienced 20-year-old rides the board. And what does it feel when an experienced has ridden all those boards?

All of the skateboarders have got a stunning experience with these boards whether it has been ridden by kids or any level of a skateboarder. Check our top 3 cruiser skateboards, Retrospec Quip, Sanview bamboo, and Globe big cruisers. These are the best for every level of rider and fulfill the requirements of riding. Even some of the tricks can also be performed on mentioned skateboards.

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